This year’s League of the South national conference in Chattanooga promises to be the most practical and useful of any we’ve ever hosted. The topic—"Surviving the Empire’s Collapse"—is intended to turn people’s attention toward what we see as an unravelling of the current power structure as debilitating economic, political, and cultural forces destroy its foundations.

Though we anticipate hard times, let me urge a word of caution to those who might misinterpret my words. We are not prophets of doom. All my adult life, I have heard one doomsday scenario after another which did not come to pass. I have no desire to add to the list. I am not trying to stampede the reader into some sort of panic. Nor am I encouraging any sort of whacko "bunker mentality" in which one heads for the hills to isolate himself from the larger society while living off MREs. On the contrary, in times like these it is necessary that League members and supporters act as good and stabilizing influences in a society that has lost its bearings. Some will lose their heads (not literally, I hope); we must be prepared to keep ours. The key is proper preparation.

With this in mind, here are merely a few of the issues you will hear about in detail at the 2008 LS National Conference


The world is full of bad men who want everything you have, up to and including your life. These men come in all forms. The old saying is that a poor man robs you with a knife while a rich man robs you with the law. My contention is that we have much less to fear from poor men with knives than we do from rich, greedy, and ambitious men armed with the illicit power that stems from bogus laws. It is the latter class that runs the Empire, and they have run it for their own benefit, not yours. To them, you’re nothing but a cipher. You might have profited from the current state of affairs if you played their game. But just like the house in Vegas, the game is rigged so that they win in the end. Your profits and seeming prosperity were merely incidental. But they convinced many of you that you could at least survive by playing the imperial regime’s game.

Now it appears that old game is coming to an end, and quickly. If you want to survive and prosper now, you must learn to adapt to a new set of rules that are less complicated but perhaps more frightening. For instance, when the regime’s money is no good, what do you do to preserve your wealth? When the regime deliberately fosters what the late Sam Francis called "anarcho-tyranny," a state of affairs in which the law abiding are terrorized by a police state while the criminal class is allowed free reign, how do you protect yourself, your family, and your property? When the food production and distribution chain as we know it fails, what are your options for feeding yourself from local produce? Have you seriously considered these disturbing questions? If you have, you are likely in a small minority of Americans.


Now that I’ve probably thoroughly depressed you, let me give you some hope. There is something you can do, not only to survive but to prosper. First of all, disengage your family from the current "system" as much as possible. In other words, don’t count on Social Security, a pension (government or private sector), or any form of government assistance (including a long-lasting job in the public sector). Don’t assume that your current private-sector job will be permanent. Also, don’t get too used to those modern conveniences we all take for granted. Severe economic and/or political dislocations will jeopardize the delivery of everything from milk and bread to electricity and natural gas. Don’t count on local or federal law enforcement to protect you or to insure that justice prevails in the larger society.

So, if you can’t count on things remaining "normal," what can you do? Well, for one thing, be thankful to God that you are one of His own; He will not abandon you. Once secure in that knowledge, begin the process of building local community. Get to know your neighbours and form a community watch. Introduce yourself to local politicians and get involved in local politics. Buy locally and not from the big box stores. Grow a garden and help your neighbour do the same. Learn a practical trade or skill (carpentry, welding, sewing, the list is nearly endless). Store up several months worth of necessities for your family. Buy a firearm and ammunition and be prepared to protect yourself; in chaotic times there will be on one else to do it for you. Get out of debt (and stay out!). Trade worthless paper dollars (Federal Reserve fiat currency) for real wealth while you can. Learn the difference between fiat money and real wealth (for this, I suggest you contact our own Franklin Sanders for some good advice at 888-218-9226).

In short, it probably will be necessary to change the way you live in ways big and small. But such changes can be rewarding. By being part of a real, organic community, you will be living in much the same way as did your Southern ancestors. Instead of working for "the man,"you can work for yourself. There is great reward and comfort in family business enterprises centered on the home. You can gain great satisfaction from growing and preserving your own produce; you also will be eating much healthier. A well-stocked pantry can provide much peace of mind. There is also great comfort in knowing that you can defend yourself and your property, if need be. If you have real wealth instead of the Empire’s fiat money, you can rest easy at night knowing that your wealth is not being drained of its value by inflation or a falling dollar.

The way we live today in modern America is not the way men have lived throughout history. While there are surely great benefits in certain technological advances, we have lost something in the bargain. In some ways, we are enslaved by the very technology that makes us moderns. The more complex the society, the easier it is for "experts" to control the populace. Perhaps the circumstances surrounding the Empire’s collapse will clear the decks, as it were, and allow us to return to some basic, fundamental ways of living that, in the long run, will provide for a more prosperous, more just polity for us and our progeny. And, God willing, we will then be living in our own free Southern Republic.

When you join us in Chattanooga in late October, you will find yourself in the company of people who have closely considered both the problems and the solutions of the Empire’s coming collapse. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear them.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama