by Greg Hanson
Staff Columnist
Southern Independence Party
May, 2004

In the virtual blizzard of news items that get passed along during the course of a week, some of us don’t get around to reading all of them. However, there are a few items that which should get our notice.

The remarks by Governor Riley of Alabama, is a major victory for the cause, given the fact that all Southern governors, including Riley, refused to attend the services for the crew of the Hunley. Not long ago Riley tried to eliminate a Confederate holiday in Alabama. Through the hard work of the troops in Alabama he was shown the error of his ways. The words he spoke at the rededication would not have been spoken, and he probably would not have even attended, if it were not for the efforts of those dedicated men and women who fought to save the holiday.

In Houston, Mississippi the city council approved the request of the local SCV to allow the raising of a Confederate memorial on the courthouse lawn. Naturally, the courageous stand of the city council is being attacked by a group calling itself "Concerned Citizens" who are threatening an economic boycott. Naturally, the NAACP has joined their effort to intimidate and terrorize the council into surrendering.

As of this writing the council has stood firm on the issue. From the report in the local press, these "Concerned Citizens," are composed of disgruntled office seekers and other troublemakers. I feel that their concern is more with the fact that they see their power of threats and intimidation declining. An online poll shows over 90 percent approval for the councils actions.

The attempt by former South Carolina Governor, David Beasley, to reenter politics is running into stiff opposition. The following link has the details of ten flaggings. It should also be noted that during the Hunley funeral a plane towing a battle flag and an anti-Beasley message flew over Charleston. It was also reported today (Saturday, May 1, 2004) that Beasley had once again been flagged, including the aerial flaggers. Beasley dismisses the flaggers, but chooses to sneak into his fundraising events, and does not post a campaign appearance schedule on his website. His actions speak louder than his words.

In Georgia, Governor Perdue continues to be flagged every time he ventures away from the Governors Mansion., and the state legislature approves a bill protecting private historical displays.

Despite opposition from the usual suspects, the SCV logo wins approval by the mayor and town council.

Although not directly related to the Southern movement, the following illustrates a growing resistance to and willingness to standup to the terror tactics employed by the NAACP and the extreme left.

We have all read about the Hunley funeral, all of us too must consider the fact that perhaps as many as 75,000 spectators came, along with 10,000 who took part in the funeral procession. Every single one of those attending who are not already in the movement, are potential members. The NAACP says that for every one who shows up for one of their events there are 100 more supporters. I don’t put much stock in anything the NAACP says, but it would be nice to think that there are 8,500,000 people out there who are potential recruits.

The above examples show that we have the numbers to scare the politicians into doing the right thing, or to become an uncomfortable thorn in their sides. It also demonstrates that action by small groups of dedicated people gets results. The key word is ACTION, not begging or sitting around and grumbling.

It may be good enough for the short term to scare politicians into seeing things our way, but we should be working hard to get people elected who support us, not out of fear, but out of principle. In this regard we should all take note of the Mike Crane campaign for Senate District 51 in Georgia, as well as the ongoing efforts of the Southern Independence Party of Tennessee to support local candidates.

All of us worry about the younger generation. But, I have noticed more and more opinion columns written by young men and women expressing very positive views, demonstrating that not all minds are being washed.,1651,TCP_1114_2840589,00.html

Every once in awhile, even someone in the media comes through.