Looking back aways, not so far back, and to 2010
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck and all here,
As the Christmas season has passed, as well the going out of 09 and the coming in of 2010, I find myself with some free time and some thoughts to share. Hopefully there will be many here than can relate to this post.
One of the best things about going to my mamma’s  for Christmas (beside the family, friends, and of course the food, is that  with certainty,  over the course of how many hours one might be there, you can be guaranteed  Mamma , or one of my aunts are going to relate some great stories (sometimes happy sometimes sad) of their childhoods; but always great.  If you are really lucky, mamma will get out a tired old worn cedar box, filled with even more tired and dog eard pages of letters and cards exchanged between my Grandpa and Grandma Robinson, as well as some to the houseful of children they had.  This year I went to the "box of memories" in private.. a bit saddened at the distance of miles that separate me from my two eldest daughters and three grandsons in NC.  The distance always wretches at my heart but, always more so at Christmas.  Just as my little brother’s passing always seems to be heavier on the heart at Christmas and the 4th of July. (His two favorite times of the year.)
In the box I found the letters and such, still tied in a lavender ribbon as I have always remembered it. Looking for nothing in particular, and I guess just the luck of the draw, I found one that just seemed to fit the mood I found myself in.  I would like to share just a tiny bit of it before moving on…..(December 17, 1931, City of the Angels, though I have yet to see one)  "My dearest Daisy, I hope this finds you and the children well in health, and in good spirits. I miss the entire family more than words can express, the past months  being so far away has been bad enough, but as Christmas rapidly approaches it sorrows my heart.  I hope the money that I wired home took care of the necessity’s, and  left enough for at least some hard candy for the children….excerpted   We have just finished planting the melons in the valley, and I have been lucky enough to find employ as a carpenter at night building movie sets.  I have been lucky catching freight trains or hitch hiking, and have not missed a single day at either job.  I will confide to you Daisy it is wearing my mind and body thin with working two jobs and travel between there is little time for rest, and when I do sleep my thoughts are of you, the children, and home….(excerpt)  In closing please give my love to all, tell the boys to keep the guns clean; for a dirty gun puts
little to no food on the table. I look forward to when we are once again together. I remain faithfully devoted to you, Love, Wilbur.
I am not ashamed to say, the letter watered me up some.  It is not that I have forgotten how much in love my grandparents were, nor how they loved their children , grandchildren, and gr grandchildren, that was
obvious to the world. I believe that reading   the words on faded paper in pencil in my grandpa’s handwriting somehow brought them closer to me at that moment though they have been gone all these many years.
(Not so far back) 2009 came and went a flurry of changes in the world as a whole; and my little portion of the world as well . I stayed relatively healthy for me, holding down a full time carpenters position which I still retain ; playing music  on the weekend, and returning to church after near 40 years absence.
Pam and I renewed our wedding vows after being together twenty years. That was great!
The music folks in Nashville cut me loose from my contract because I wouldn’t change the artwork on the front cover, inside liner, and because I wouldn’t change the title of one song, and omit another on  the "Fight on My Hands" CD. This despite the fact they loved it for the most part.
I know it’s the best I’ve done in at least 35 years and yet it gets released at the worst economic time since  grandpa’s letter was written during the Great Depression. Just my dumb luck.  But, fortunately it has
received great reviews, that money couldn’t buy and though sales are slow, the South still remains there for me and my family.  All in all I was ready for 2009 to go.
On to 2010) Lord only knows what is up for us all during this year. I am no seer of the future, but, I can predict hard times ahead especially for us little folks while  the political and  corporate thugs get fatter, we will no doubt get leaner.  I do see America as a whole catching up with my beloved Southland in regards as to not being
sheep’s  led to the slaughter, nor taken in by each and ever snake oil salesman and slick willy that comes down the lane. The new messiah is not the true Messiah , and even the folks that were for him aren’t so sure now.
What I would like to see is the socialism and near communism that has infiltrated our country crawl back under the slimy rock that it came from. America in 2010, is not the America that so many millions gave their
all for, only for it to evolve into what it is today.  No one here needs me to tell them that though.  I would also like to see the Constitution return to what it was intended to be. I long for tiny government and huge rights by the people. I will never live long enough to see it, but perhaps some of you will; or our children or children’s children.  With that happy thought, I will close this unusually long post (forgive me for it’s length) by saying that to you Chuck, your family and  all our friends on the SHNV list who are like family to me and mine. May you do
your best to honour your ancestors, protect you and yours, and make the best of any bad situation that comes along. May God Bless the South and all those who love and respect her.
T. Warren