By, Ellen Williams

(Written on the occasion of the June 26th Dedication of the I-65 Battle Flag with gratitude to the Alabama Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans with an especial thank you to Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Wyatt Willis whose tenacity and devotion saw this project through.)

Slowly and deliberately she rose with every eye on her, and when she reached the top of her magnificent 110 ft. pole to take her place of honor once again in the Heart of Dixie, grown men had glistening eyes and ladies bit their lips to stop the trembling; children were simply overawed with her size and beauty.

God smiled upon her magnificence and upon those gathered to pay her honor for a brisk wind rippled her Cross and stars as she took her place along a busy interstate; and a cloud-cover shielded from the hot June sun, descendants of those brave men who paid for her with their last full measure of devotion.

For we have not forgotten her in this state; and there were children there who now understand "who they are and from whence they came and for what she stands," who in future years will continue the good fight that she never be forgotten.

She reaches up toward Heaven, where surely Jefferson Davis and Generals Lee, Jackson, Forrest, A. P. Hill, John B. Gordon, the gallant Pelham and the martyr Sam Davis and others, surely raised their hats in salute to her. And in the distance was a ghostly Rebel Yell from that rag-tag army of starved, bare-footed heroes, who know that we have NOT forgotten.

She is our symbol "set on a high hill" to give light and truth to all who see her.

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