Long Live "Dixie"

From: jarxmanrx@yahoo.com

I am a 70 year old Southern Pharmacist who still has chills every time I hear the song. As a school child we learned to sing every verse of Dixie, without the book.

As a 16 year-old I joined the Mississippi National Guard. We were part of the distinguished 31st Division, better know as the "Dixie" division. All Southern white boys. The Division Band wore confederate uniforms. When we paraded before the generals, there were 3 flags displayed. The American flag, the Mississippi flag and THE CONFEDERATE FLAG.. Yes, we marched to the tune of Dixie.

Our 3 major universities have done away with Dixie thanks to a wide yellow streak that runs down the back of the left wing administrations of these schools. My donations stopped and they know why.

Thanks for the fine article,

John Atwood  
Lumberton, MS.