Thursday, March 7, 2013

Local leader disputes “hate group” label

Yay, Bernie Thuersam! Annoyed by the SPLC’s fundraising-by-insinuation campaign, which is always boosted by a gullible press, the State Chair of the North Carolina League of the South decided to set the record straight by pointing out who the REAL hater is:

The Southern Poverty Law Center highlights two local organizations when naming this year’s active hate groups in the United States.

The League of the South made the list and the chairman of the North Carolina chapter, which is based in Wilmington, said the label is outrageous but nothing new.

Bernhard Thuersam said the League of the South has dealt with this hate label for more than a decade. He considers it an attempt to rally support and donations for the SPLC.

They hate anyone who has conservative views or traditional views," said Thuersam.

Actually, I’d say the SPLC doesn’t really hate conservative groups – they clearly relish the opportunity to conflate conservatives with skinheads so they can frighten meek liberals into signing over their trust funds to the SPLC. The scam has worked so well, the SPLC has had to stash some of its loot in the Caymen Islands.

Southern POVERTY Law Center, my foot!

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