Article Launched: 06/11/2006

I just love the ignorant PC drivel concerning the Confederate flag being displayed at a home in Redlands. The writer said: "It seems a bit ironic that just blocks from this home is our beautiful and meaningful Lincoln Shrine and all that it represents: Freedom and justice for all people."

Ironic indeed! That our Confederate flag be soiled by such close proximity to a shrine honoring a war criminal and dictator is shameful! I demand the Lincoln shrine be immediately destroyed as I am offended by it! (Sound familiar? Ah! The invigorating chant of the PC!)

Lincoln was, in fact, the greatest tyrant and constitutional destroyer that this country has ever been pillaged and plundered by. Lincoln’s complicity in the destruction of civilian homes, the murder and rape of our Southern peoples, and the "reconstruction" of our Southland is equal in every degree to debauchery of the famous dictators of our modern times.

Additionally, Lincoln was NOT a friend of the black man – he found them not equal to the white race and even desired to remove them, regardless of the cost, to settlements outside of America. Who said so? Lincoln himself, as anyone with a computer can verify. Try this Web site for info:

Oh yes, while we are "being so offended," let’s comment on the writer’s statement: "…it also represents the grim reminder of slavery and segregation." Which flag was it that slavery was legalized under, flew over slave ships, granted no civil rights to slaves, flew over the segregation of black troops and the forced segregation of Americans of Japanese ancestry, flew while hundreds of thousands of native Americans were wiped out by "the-only-good-Indian-is-a-dead-Indian" war criminal Gen. Sherman, and is the official flag of the KKK? The Confederate flag you say? WROONNGG! You of revisionist education – it was Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes. So let’s get rid of that insulting and grim reminder of slavery and segregation as well.

Marc Reed
Douglas, GA.

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