‘Lincoln’s Tyrannical, Tax-Loving Nature’
Thomas DiLorenzo
June 3, 2011

That’s how Derika Patel describes Dishonest Abe in Takimag, in an article that casts doubt on The Official Story that morally-pure and racially-enlightened Northerners who just loooooooovvvvved black people gladly died by the hundreds of thousands in 1861–65 solely for the benefit of black strangers in such places as Mississippi and Alabama. The slaves are said to have been “kidnapped” when the Southern states seceded, and were then rescued. This of course is the standard “history” that has been taught in in the government schools for generations. It is also complete nonsense.

Derika Patel thinks economics might have had something to do with why Lincoln, the candidate of the Northern business elite and hardly anyone else, invaded his own country upon assuming the presidency. Secession does not necessitate war, as history proves. Lincoln threatened war over tax collection in his first inaugural address, and followed through with the threat. He also gave an ironclad defense of Southern slavery in that same speech. The question of why there was a war is totally different from why the Southern states seceded. Those who quote secessionist statements that defend slavery accept the above-mentioned, idiotic theory that the slaves were kidnapped and then rescued by the U.S. government. Lincoln himself would have laughed his head off over that one.

Someone call the Southern Poverty Law Center! Hate Alert! Hate Alert! Start sending out those fundraising letters! We may have found a new “hate group”!

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