Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),
Please NOTE our Chaplain’s message (Mr. Al Benson) herein and below.  He and Donnie Kennedy co-authored a book entitled, "Lincoln’s Marxists".  It has just been re-published with an additional 25% of more information (Pelican Publishing).
LEARN what YOU have NOT been TAUGHT!  LEARN the dynamics of what was truly afoot before the War broke out and perhaps, once again, as it bears repeating, EVERY AMERICAN (Northerner, Southerner, Easterner & Westerner alike) will come to understand just what in the hell has been going on ever since 1865 and why y’all are in the ‘Fix’ you are today.
These Federals have perpetually called us every name under the sun and have paid their Special Interest Lackeys to do the same in order to shut us up.
Being called a Racist was their METHOD, using political-correctness as the vehicle of their on-slaught, to SILENCE us and any resistance they so considered that would create opposition to their Ideology.  MOST EVERYONE since, & throughout the 1970’s, 80’s, & 90’s up to and including now, FEARED & COWERED and YIELDED to them to avoid being called such a name.  It was used to browbeat an entire Country in order to advance a Federal Leviathan’s Ideology to distract the American People from what was truly going on.
It was NO less a weapon just as any rifle, but it’s deadliness was far greater in scope and range because it removed ANY Accountability, Responsibility or Explanation from the Political Equation of this Republic.
As such, an entire Generation grew up with a pre-disposed ‘Guilt Syndrome’ whose genesis was NEVER explained in ANY clarity or detail whatsoever, allowing for the  Political Zealots to infuse & advance their Ideology coupled with deliberate Malfeasance & Misrepresentation designed to advance their Oligarchy of Dominion over every American, Black & White alike.
It was  Labyrinth of Deceit of the highest order and perpetuated by a Cabal of Federals who knew full well its consequences while simultaneously employing the ‘services’ of those Special Interests who had a great deal to gain in all this as the Political Chair of ‘Inter-Dependency’ was essential & necessary in order to de-stabilize this Republic and any forum it was originally built upon.
Combined, they have fostered a lie of the Greatest Magnitude while stripping this Country and it’s People of their inalienable rights while advancing the Dogma of their One World Order!
Running parallel to this ‘Social Undertaking’ was the further dismantlement of the American Landscape through the introduction of Mass Immigration while EXPORTING every basis of American Manufacturing thanks to GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA and those many UN ‘treaty’s’ these Federal Congress’s signed onto, in conjunction with their sanctioning by the American presidents both Republicans & Demoncrats.
It has been a profound game of Smoke & Mirrors, and played out in full 3D, multi-dimensional special effects right in front of your very eyes while they were telling you that the House that was in total flames was NOT!
It was NOTHING more than YOUR imagination or the machinations of another who had lost their ‘cookies’.
Our ‘politicians’ and our Corporations rolled over without so much as a whimper and with it came more cataclysmic alterations that EVERYONE has become more than familiar with.
Being called or labeled a Racist was the kiss of death, and NEVER did any of them ever once stand up to these People & DEMAND accountability for their positions or exclaims.  Thus, an entire Country was being buffaloed because of a pre-supposed guilt syndrome whose antithesis was never really understood or examined as it should have.  Political Expediency resulted & ANY who remotely questioned what was going on was immediately sent to the scarp-yards and rendered persona non grata and the hustle became complete.
And thus, the word Confederate became violated & demonized because of the false association with a condition of self-creation in order to delete accountability from the larger picture of understanding contributing to the mantle of the Zealot who now resides in Washington, DC.
Today, YOU are NOW being called TERRORISTS by the vice-president of the United States- Joe Biden.
This is merely an extension of that same mind-set & philosophy that created and established the term Racist.
It’s purpose, like being called a Racist, is intended too Separate & Diffuse ANY element of Accountabilityor QUESTION.  Like the term Racist, it’s intention is to Divide and Conquer through Political Polarization and there isn’t A SINGLE SOLITARY POLITICIAN IN WASHINGTON WHO IS ABOUT TO QUESTION THIS ORTHODOXY- NOT A ONE.
As a result, the People of this Country are being swallowed up and spit out once more while the Special Interests in Congress like the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressives have already declared their intentions to NULLIFY ANY ENTITLEMENT CHANGES IN ANY BUDGET DISCUSSIONS AND HAVE ALREADY BEGUN TO DECLARE THIS AS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF RACISM.
The Federals have created a Frankenstein who does the hierarchy’s bidding at the expense of every man, woman and child within this country NO matter your colour or creed and that cannot be denied any longer.
In advancing their Hegemony, in conjunction with their Demagoguery, they created the Nanny State of Entitlement that BLOATED their size 100 fold allowing them to advance their Ideology OVER each and every American built upon a surreptitious lie of the MOST major proportions.
This was further advanced by them seizing control of the Education System in the 1960’s & the subsequent creation of THE FEDERAL DEPT. OF EDUCATION.  From there and ever since, it has been ALL down-hill with more and more Tax Money being appropriated to this ‘Department’ which influences the curriculums that YOUR children’s are being exposed to daily because the State’s are dependent upon those Federal subsidy’s in order to exist.
Thus, Johnny & Susie will be TAUGHT what they want them to learn and only learn, FURTHER removing them from their center of origin & identity until such time when they will become nothing more than ‘educational wards of the State’ that Karl Marx so aptly described and predicted would occur once implemented.
Now can YOU understand why Marx congratulated Lincoln "on a Job Well-Done?".
Obama’s current ‘BUDGET’ includes tremendous increases for THEIR DEPT. OF EDUCATION that will further erode ANY potential for YOUR child to ever know where he or she came from much less those Dynamics associated with that time.  They will ‘Teach’ YOUR child to learn & read ONLY that which they want them and in the long term, who will ever be the wiser as most parents today, sadly, don’t have a clue as well.
It is a self-fulfilling prophecy of an Imperial merry go round that has taken & removed YOU from ANY basics once remotely associated with the Origin and Principles of this Republic in order that YOU could never again be able to ‘connect the dots’ from which YOU came.  If this were an ‘operation’, YOU would have been, by design, made STERILE!
They are vile and contemptible and it has been done on an on-going & routine basis via a dismantlement process over 5-generations.
How much time is given to your child in the Federal School regarding the ‘study’ of America’s so-called Civil War, and how is it discussed within the Public Classroom?  What books are being used and who wrote them?
How many day’s is it studied?  What is being taught to YOUR children about the events and conditions PRIOR to 1860 and what was going on?
Do they know about the many BLACK CONFEDERATES who fought for the Confederacy?  Do they know about the many FREE BLACKS that lived and prospered in the South?  Do they understand whose Ships it were that brought the human cargo (sadly) to these shores and who owned them?
Were they taught to ask to whom & where ALL that money went for the human cargo that was sold?
Were they asked to inquire under which FLAG did these slave ships sail?
Have YOUR children been taught ANY of this?
Do they know that there were slaves in the North?  Do they know that it was slaves who built the Capitol Dome in Washington during the War- Northern Slaves?  Do they know the real reason for Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation?
Do they know that Lincoln ‘freed the slaves’ in the South but NOT in the North, a Country in which he had NO jurisdiction?  Do they know about and why the Draft Riots in New York City occurred in 1863 and,
Did you know that over 90% of the Confederate Military had NO involvement with slavery. Over 90%, so what was the Real Reason why they Fought & Died?
What do They or You Really know….yet an entire Country has been effected by that which YOU think YOU know resulting from that which they told you in their schools?
It was NEVER about slavery!  What War throughout time was ever fought over a single issue- NONE!
They were ALL fought over expansion with one Ideology trying to subordinate another & Money & Power were always the reasons!.  And what type of Government would allow for such a lie to be perpetuated upon an entire Country if it weren’t for the fact that another and much darker reason was the cause behind all this?
Are your children taught about the dynamics associated with the Articles of ‘CONFEDERATE-ATION’?
Does Anyone Have a Clue?
I and those with whom I am proud to be associated with have said many times over— that unless YOU know from whence YOU came, YOU will NEVER know where YOU are going.  More Importantly, a condition such as this will only result in YOUR own demise as another’s Ideology will have surpassed & replaced yours because of the Ignorance YOU unknowingly allowed them to place at YOUR doorsteps.
YOU have become a follower resulting from an ALL-CONTROLLING Government who long ago usurped History & Purpose, replacing do-process  and ALL the Freedoms and Liberty associated with that process with a Bastardized & Illegitimate Oligarchy that has ‘re-written YOUR History and brought one and all to this precipice.
YOU, as an Individual, NO longer count, other than to supply the money from which they will continue to cut YOUR own throat in the name of Social Expediency and World Commitment…….and should YOU protest in the least, you will be CLASSIFIED AS A TERRORIST OR A RACIST OR WHATEVER TERM NECESSARY IN WHICH TO PROCREATE THEIR CLANDESTINE POLITICAL ORTHODOXY AT THE EXPENSE OF YOU AND YOURS’.
How Does it Feel to be Called A TERRORIST by the very Government You have supported withBlood, Sweat and Tears?
Welcome to Our world- the world of the Confederate Patriot…AKA by them, the ‘evil’ racists!
Respectfully and Confederately,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration and Reseating of the Legal deJure Government of the South- The Confederate Republic of Sovereign States.
‘All for One and One for All’
PS- Mr. Benson is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Confederate Society of America, it’s Chaplain, Secretary-Treasurer and Resident Historian.
Deo Vindice!