From: James King –
Date: Tue, Nov 30, 2010

[FlagFight] Abraham Lincoln’s Marxist Association


The Article posted below was written by Mrs.Joan Hough and posted with her permission to copy and disseminate. It details Abraham Lincoln’s Association With Marxists.

James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia


I, a descendant of noble Confederates, know how to defend, avenge, and revenge our Southern people. I know how to fight and beat the enemies of our South. I know how to correct the horrific wrongs done to my family and to yours.

How can this be done? — By telling the real truth about our South and that War of Northern Invasion to all willing to listen. Female Confederate descendants and most male ones have been conditioned into acceptance of the Lincoln cult lies and myths as truth. This conditioning must be countered.

Vengeance for the great wrongs done our people consists of achieving the realization by all Americans of the South’s real reasons for secession and the North’s real reason for attacking the South. Southerners were not guilty of treason–Lincoln and his Republicans were. We cannot hold Northern Democrats responsible, for thousands of them were arrested and, imprisoned without trial by Lincoln and his Republicans. In the north, Private homes were burst into, publishers, editors and reporters were hauled away in the wee hours of the night–in some cases never heard from again—all because a northern paper declared secession legal. Thousands of northern printing presses were destroyed by Lincoln and his RADICAL Republicans—just as they were in our south.

Radical Republicans? Did I say Radical Republicans? Yes I did. The politically correct historians of today term Lincoln’s Republicans, the Radical Republicans, but there is another name for them which I will reveal by and by.

Vindice can result when the legality of secession is understood by most Americans—when Americans become aware that the right of secession was even taught at West Point. Vindice can be achieved when Americans realize there was a malignant influence on Lincoln and his north, when Americans learn the real reason for the North’s invasion of the South and know why, before invading South Carolina, Lincoln and his government refused to meet with Southern leaders who were anxious for peace.

So many ugly truths are yet untold about Lincoln, his government, his war and its aftermath. Among these are five we should consider most important—1. Lincoln’s horrific decision to kill women and children. 2. The passing of the horrendous Retaliation act by Lincoln’s Republican controlled Congress–commanding the torture of Confederate prisoners. 3. The truth behind the planned Reconstruction of our South, 4. The many myths now passing as truths—created for the purpose of making Americans revere to the point of worship, a monster named Lincoln, 5. Modern brainwashing consisting of a regularly said oath swearing to the belief of Lincoln and his radical Republicans, that no state has the legal, moral, and historical right to secede—that our nation is “indivisible”–cannot be divided.

Ah! Truth! It is so easy to convince people ignorant of the true developmental history of our nation that secession was and is illegal—that the Confederate States of America was created by traitors—and that freeing slaves was why Lincoln’s troops destroyed our people and our land. Ignorance always holds hands with the enemies of truth.

For over a century, the truth about our South has been, deliberately, kept from the public. Along with generations of other Americans, we, our children and grandchildren have been literally brainwashed with the victors’ lies—and I do not use the word “brainwashed” carelessly, I use that word deliberately. 3
In the beginning our Southern ancestors were falsely accused, smeared, vilified, tortured and murdered because of the great lies spread throughout the north by members of Lincoln’s Republican Party. Those lies, only occasionally altered, have continued being splashed on Americans for nearly two centuries. From cradle to grave, from kindergarten to doctoral degree, Americans are kept moist with anti-Confederate and anti-Constitution brainwash. Our U.S. politicians are still producing more “hate bills” prohibiting anything bad being said about Muslims, Jews or blacks—yet approving any attacks, verbal or even physical on Confederate descendants and our flag.

Despite the ugly fact that American historians have long wallowed in and perpetuated Lincoln myths—have long justified all actions of Lincoln and his Radical Republicans, we must counter their justifications and lies. We must expose the Republicans’ real reason for invading the South. We must reveal the enemy’s behaviors during their program for our Reconstruction. We must make known their deliberate torture of Confederate prisoners. We must detail the very real Genocide Mr. Lincoln’s army and his Republicans levied on the women, babies and children of the Confederate States of America, despite the fact that Lincoln and his Republicans knew that a recent Geneva Convention declared war against civilians illegal and shameful.

Only recently in 2007 were there revealed some cleverly hidden, shocking truths about our northern enemies, their actions, and the motives for their attacks on our South. Our Confederates were unaware of the existence of these truths. Had they known then what we know now, they might have countered the horrendous lies of our enemies by exposing the conspiracy behind the North’s invasion of our South.

Justice for our blood kin cannot be had until the whole truth has been told to every single member in the U.S. Congress, every historian, every teacher, every preacher, every television commentator, every person hoping ever to become a U.S. President and every American. Only this truth-telling can right the horrific wrongs done to our families by Lincoln and his Republicans. We can aid God in avenging our ancestors and our lands by telling the real truth about the South. Many listeners, of course, will refuse to believe it—but millions will see the past with a new light.

If one is a coward, unwilling to face realities not tied up with pretty pink ribbons and sugar coated, one will not find the learning of truth pleasant—why, even reading the Holy Bible will prove a traumatic experience. As members of an organization, dedicated to the spreading of Southern truth, we must all pray that we and all of our sisters will grow brave enough not only to learn the truth, but to spread it.

And so I begin now with the truth of how my family’s horror, and that of yours, really began in our South. I will introduce to you a man in America who was, without a doubt, one of the master puppeteers behind the scenes—a man greatly responsible for horror’s arrival, first in America and then in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Claiborne Parish, Louisiana and all the little farms, the big plantations, the little towns and the port cities of the great Confederate States of America, as well as in the Confederate waters in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

What you are about to hear may prove impossible for you to accept easily, but please attend to the facts, review carefully the proof I offer you and then do your own research. You will discover the very same evidence I have –that there existed in the world –in Europe and then in America a force so evil that it destroyed our entire Southern culture, inflicted absolute genocide on our South, and almost prevented the very presence of you and me on this planet. 4

It is even now, as I speak, here in our United States. It is active. It is as malevolent now as it was in America in the 1800’s. It controls each of us more than we know. Its main techniques for controlling Southerners are to keep us and our off spring guilt-ridden and to destroy all vestiges of pride we may still hold in our ancestors and our Confederacy, and to, without re-writing it, make the U.S. Constitution a dead document. It has infiltrated every American institution- our schools, our churches, our Courts,, our government, etc., etc. It is determined to force heart-felt apologies from Southerners for that which requires no apology. It has sneakily and slyly altered all of the facts about the original make-up of the U.S. government, itself. It has caused generations to turn from religion to hedonism, from proud self-reliance to a dependence on cradle to grave care from “Mother Government.”

My dear fellow Confederate descendants, that force is Communism.

Yes, that force is Communism (some call it Marxism—some call it Socialism—some call it Progressivism, some call it the New World Order, some call it State Capitalism, some even call it Democracy) whatever its new name, it is Communism. Its proponents, exceedingly clever, have created an atmosphere making all who recognize its existence terrified to speak its name.

If you think Communism, an imaginary creation of Joe McCarthy in the 1960’s, and only a word irresponsibly used to describe Obama and his Tsars in the present, then you don’t know about one of the greatest opponents of the South–an unrelenting enemy of the U.S. Constitution, a man whose belief in Communism helped cause the death of the United Stations that was created by our forefathers. If you are unaware of the presence of Communism in the 1800’s, you don’t know about the absolutely proven Communists Abe Lincoln, knowingly, placed into the Union Army as top level officers, as Generals and Colonels. You don’t know about a man who was one of the most dedicated, most powerful enemies of our ancestors—a man who spearheaded all of the horrific propaganda that made northerners kills Southerners. You don’t know about a man responsible for a brainwashing type of re-education of northern Americans and turned them into murderers of Southerners.
You don’t know about a man who was a major instigator of the creation of the Republican Party and a major Communist propagandist during Reconstruction—who set the stage so historians today, refer to those ancient Communists as simply “Radical Republicans.” You don’t know about a born in the USA American who worked fearlessly to put in place on this continent all that was the dream of the world’s Communists.

No, his name was not Sherman–not Lincoln. His name was CHARLES ANDERSON DANA. Has anyone here ever heard of him? Isn’t it odd, how the names of the enemies of the U.S. Constitution and of our South have been omitted from our school books? Even odder is the fact that our Confederate leaders either failed to recognize the fine hand of Dana in the misery inflicted on the South or they totally underestimated his influence.
It is shocking that the entire presence of Marxists in Lincoln’s menagerie was overlooked and their immense importance unrecognized by Southerners until the year 2007.

Charles Anderson Dana became a high powered journalist, a foreign correspondent to Europe, and one of the owners and the Managing Editor of the great New York Tribune. Dana was an extraordinarily gifted and highly successful propagandist—I believe him to be the most important brain-wash expert America has ever known. He served Communism not only with his own writing skills, but as a skilful procurer of propaganda opportunities for literally thousands of German men whose thoughts mirrored his own. 5

In the 1800’s, he was a big man behind the scenes in American politics. He was a major instigator in the creation of the Republican Party. Although unable to get his first choice, handsome JOHN C. FREMONT, elected as the first Republican President, Editor Dana was more than content to support Abe Lincoln during the second election Republicans entered, and so Dana became Radical Republican Secretary of War, EDWIN M. STANTON’S partner in crime, as the Assistant Secretary of War. Dana’s had powerful influence over Secretary of War Stanton.

Failed Republican presidential candidate Fremont became one of Lincoln’s Important Generals and held court in the much tortured state of Missouri.

Stanton, influenced by Dana, the master propagandist, wrote vast numbers of propaganda articles for northern newspapers. He reported thousands of non-existing atrocities, supposedly committed by Confederates on Union prisoners. Stanton and Dana, both, wrote blatant lies in heart tugging propaganda. Stanton even employed writers to turn out reams of similar reports. The Marxist propagandists knew just how to make northerners wish to continue the war until the South was completely destroyed.—most of it left in glowing coals and ashes. Northern “money-bags” (railroad and factories and canal builders) also, organized propaganda groups all over the North and bombarded the public with fantastic tales of tortures of slaves and brave Union soldiers by vile Southerners. The women of the South, our grandmothers, aunts and cousins, were depicted as Dracula mamas– Southern men, as depraved creatures from some black lagoon.

Was the Commie propaganda believed? You betcha boots it was! So much so, that men of God, Northern preachers, convinced of the evils committed by Southerners, demanded from their pulpits that Confederates be slaughtered to the last man.

Not content with merely murdering southern men, the great General Sherman considered Southern women and their children so bad that they all should, also, be killed. He stated “Killing Southerners is doing them a kindness.” In 1864 he wrote, “There is a class of people (Southerners) men, women and children, who must be killed or banished before you can hope for peace and order.” Sherman’s acceptance of the Communist Manifesto becomes most obvious, when one notes how much he adopted their plan for “Communist decreed land redistribution.” (More will be said later about land redistribution and Communism later.) Sherman, you will remember, only warred against Southern males at Vicksburg; his real war was against women with babies, kids and old folks. Looking back we cannot help but think that man was off his rocker. His own wife thought him mentally ill. Only Grant saved Sherman from permanent military disgrace when Sherman was accused of being
crazy by his own people.

There is a very true saying: A lie travels the world around while the truth is still putting on its slippers.
It is said that Socialist Adolph Hitler introduced the idea that if one tells a lie, makes it big enough and tells it often enough, it will be believed. Actually the Marxists in Abe Lincoln’s government taught Hitler and Stalin (both Socialists) that little truth. They taught that same truth to Lincoln.

But back to puppeteer Dana: In his position as Assistant Secretary of War, he had so much influence that he precipitated the use of torture on Confederate prisoners at Camp Douglas, the Union Prison Camp near Chicago. This was the prison where. like thousands of confederate 6 privates there, my 21 year old cousin, Samuel T. Mullinax, a private in Louisiana’s Co. G, of the 13th Cavalry Battalion was tortured, murdered and had his young body disappear. Sam, enlisted at age 17, spent the last four years of his young manhood, fighting the invaders and then was deliberately and cruelly tortured by the order of the U.S. Congress inspired by Dana, Stanton and Senator Benjamin Wade—three loyal Radical Republicans under the Communist banner. Lincoln’s Republican Congress actually agreed to and authorized torture in all Union prison camps. . Lincoln’s torture program was called a program “of Retribution.” It was put into force because the blockaded and burned South had to feed Union prisoners the same amount of food and the same diet our Confederate soldiers suffered under.

There were no tortures by Confederates. Outright, proven Yankee lies sent our Commander of Andersonville prison to a hideous, undeserved fate.

Starved and ill Yankee prisoners existed because Lincoln and General Grant refused to swap prisoners and refused to allow the north’s physicians to treat their Yankees in Confederate prisons, as President Davis requested. The Republicans knew that Yankee blockades and Yankee burnings of Southern crops had made starvation a necessity for all Confederate men at war and most Southern civilians—so they were just looking for another outlet for their hatred for men who believed in States Rights and the U.S. Constitution. The Communists, of course, hated the U.S. Constitution just as much as they hated Southerners. When the Marxists and Radicals claimed the South deliberately starved Yankee prisoners and the Republican congress agreed to do the same and more to Confederate prisoners, Southern prisoners, surrounded by a Yankee world of plentiful food, were forced to eat rats and starve. Confederate boys shivered in rags while warmly clad Yankee visitors,
came to watch their enemies in the new, free “zoo.” There is plenty of proof of this. Our boys were forced to freeze. Clothes were taken from them. They were not allowed to receive clothing, blankets or even food from friends or sympathetic northerners. These were the least of the deliberate Yankee tortures.

If one is even the least bit cognizant of the Communist-designed tortures given American soldiers, airmen and Marines in the Korean Police Action, one must conclude that the Republican’s Retribution act was Marxist, that is, Communist-inspired.

We must tell the world that with Lincoln’s approval, his grand Republicans deliberately starved, deliberately froze, deliberately exposed our boys to Small Pox, deliberately refused medical care to Confederates, deliberately shot many unarmed prisoners, deliberately forced death-giving filthy drinking water on them, and deliberately inflicted unmentionable tortures on most—even affecting the most private areas of boys’ bodies. And some of these boys were really “boys” –fourteen, fifteen and sixteen years of age.

But more about Dana: Dana was an American-born, second generation Socialist. As a young man, he participated for five years in one of the big American Socialist experiments in the North by name of BROOK FARM. He served as a waiter in its dining hall/restaurant. Brook Farm was a Unitarian, Socialistic experiment.
After he left the Socialist Farm, Dana became a foreign correspondent for the New York Tribune and spent a year in Europe writing glowingly about Europe’s Illuminati-inspired Socialist Revolution. While in Europe, he had the exciting experience of becoming very close friends with two gifted Communicator s by name of KARL MARX, and FREDERIC H ENGELS, the two authors of the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. He, also, became friends with a multitude of other European Socialists. 7

Home again, Dana became a part owner of the Tribune and Managing Editor and took on a significant role in the history of America and the downfall of the South by employing his friend Karl Marx as the Tribune’s European Foreign Correspondent. He gave Marx financial support and a marvelous opportunity to propagandize Communist philosophy and spread Commie venom throughout Europe and America.

In late 1848 and in 1849, something very important occurred in the world. About two thousand German Communists (called the 1848’ers) flooded into the New York area. These men were escapees from European punishment being given all participants in the big, and failed Socialist Revolution in Europe. (The politically correct historians deny that Socialism was the cause of that Revolution. They lie. Socialism, as the motive for that European War is readily admitted by the German author of a Hand-out I will leave with you. In fact, he states that the Civil War was just a continuation of their European War. More about this later.

At the behest of Marx and Engels, Dana became the benefactor of numerous extremely bright, highly-educated Communists. These Communists weren’t poor, ignorant laborers lacking funds and education. Dana obtained for them jobs in which they could use their skills to influence Americans to accept the goals of their cult. Dana found these men work in areas directly affecting public opinions. He placed them on staffs of newspapers, journals, labor unions, and in work designed to, under the banner of abolition, to create the Republican Party and eliminate States Rights in the nation. States Rights were an anathema to those dedicated to big government. Communists require the creation of an all powerful central government, if they are to have absolute control.

After a group of highly educated and quite wealthy European and U.S. men, calling themselves the Illuminati, hired Marx and Engels to write the Communist Manifesto, the Illuminati changed their title to “Communists” and their –will call it “religion of state worship” received the name “Communism.” Remember in those times, the word “state” meant “nation.”

The Communist Manifesto was published first in Europe in 1848 and soon after, no doubt with Dana’s assistance, in America.

When that first flood of about 2000 German Marxists arrived in late 1848 and 1849, no doubt some of them arrived with their precious Manifesto in hand. After the Manifesto was published in America, all Marxists, and all to be Republicans, undoubtedly, read the thing. Abe Lincoln, himself must have read it because he, certainly, filled many of the highest positions in his army with Marxist-Communists. (You’ll get a hand-out concerning these.) Lincoln had some of the same in his government, also. It is more than possible that the so-called Radical Republicans were either Communists or were Commie toadies (Fellow Traveler types) who took orders from the Marxists. Lincoln, also, incorporated many of the planks in the Manifesto in his own government and his treatment for the South. (I’ll provide you a copy of “the ten Communist Planks.” You are, likely to be surprised as to the number of them now incorporated in our United States government.)

These 1848’ers Communists devoted themselves, bodies, minds, and souls, to selling Communism instead of Brooklyn bridges, to bringing more Germans and other Europeans to America, to getting the Republican Party rolling in 1854, and to the teaching of all in the North about the depraved, evil Southerners who beat poor darkies to death or boiled them in oil. These gifted propagandists even produced cartoons depicting such horrors. They helped fake 8 eye-witness statements from other superb liars. They inspired novels then, such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, published in 1852, and what most of what purports to be American history today.

Dana became so politically powerful he was able to keep radical Republican, General Ulysses P. Grant, the drunkard, from being kicked out of the Union Army. General William Tecumseh Sherman, the red haired, victorious arsonist, aided Dana with Grant’s defense. Next, Dana secured the Radical Republicans’ support of Grant and assured Grant’s election as U.S. President. Grant was a monster, himself—just as was Lincoln. So it can be said that Dana was a “King maker” a proponent of monsters, an ardent enemy of the U.S. Constitution, and a great foe of the South’s people. His influence on our laws is still being felt in our America.

Benjamin Wade was a Republican senator who stood before the U.S. Congress and demanded that all Confederate Prisoners be executed. Senator Wade’s hate was responsible for his cooperation with Dana resulting in the U.S. government’s decision commanding torture for Confederate prisoners like my poor, brave cousin in Camp Douglas, the Union’s hell hole on the edge of Chicago.

Like Wade, Senator Chandler’s hatred for the South was so virulent and so vicious, that he made a tremendous effort to see Southern lands turned into desert—a place where food for Confederates could not grow and Confederates could not eat. He even gave, on the floor of the Senate, a speech concerning the new to be Southern desert. After all, the South had refused to pay the Yankee tariffs. And believed in the Constitution supported rights of states over that of a Central government, and the South was filled with all those old believers in the Holy Bible.

To reiterate: German Communists flooded into America in 1848. They were called the 1848’ers. Many of them, with the aid of Dana, became officers in Mr. Lincoln’s army in 1861. All worked diligently to lure thousands upon thousands of other Germans and other Europeans to come fight in a continuation of what had been Europe’s Socialist War. According to a German author, Wolfgang Hochbruck in an article he wrote about his hero-Germans in the union army, the Communists declared their European war, a war for “union, freedom “ and “republican revolutionism,” (A portion of this article was recently published on a genealogy online site; a copy of it and a critique of it will be provided you, as well as a list of some of Lincoln’s Marxists—many of whom he made Generals and Colonels.
COLONEL FRITZE ANNEKE (a very good buddy of Karl Marx)

GENERAL LUDWIG (LOUIS) BLENKER– Blenker’s passion for an indivisible government was in keeping with that advocated by Engels who pronounced that for Communists, a perpetual union “prepared the background and cleared the way of [for] us” (Kennedy and Benson, 32AUGUST BONDI
PRIVATE FRIEDRICH HECKER (who refused promotions, so must have been an important Communist.)
BRIGADIER GENERAL PETER JOSEPH OSTERHAUS (fought in the Vicksburg campaign).
MAJOR GENERAL FRIEDRICH (Frederick Charles) SALOMON, mustered out as Bvt. Major General,
COLONEL JOSEPH WEYDEMEYER-(made General on his mustering out)
COLONEL CHARLES ZAGONYI (who mysteriously disappeared)


At least two divisions of young Germans invaded and merrily burned our South while earning the winks and smiles of GENERAL WILLIAM TECUMSEH SHERMAN, as he declared he just couldn’t control those rascals of his. Those Germans mustered out of Sherman’s army and returned to the north, loaded down with the loot stolen—much of it ripped from the bodies of protesting Southern civilians—jewelry, earrings, wedding bands, clothes, pictures, baby blankets, etc. (No wonder Sherman’s birthday is still celebrated in the state where he lived.) Think these enemies were not Germans? Their two divisions had bands that played only German music.
I would be remiss if I failed to say here, that there were many wonderful Germans in America, who did not swallow the Communist line. Numbers of them were here in our South and fought most valiantly for us. . In the mid-west there were, also, many non-Marxist Germans who fought for the Union because of the propaganda in their printed-in-German, American newspapers. Clever, Communist -written propaganda, led them to believe that the South was against the Constitution. Not having read the Constitution—maybe unable to read in English, 10 they believed the lies they were fed—that secession was against the Constitution. Lincoln, himself, bought and owned a German language newspaper, so as to influence his north’s Germans.

The Marxist Germans and Mr. Dana managed to get together with a few addled abolitionists and created the Republican Party. None of today’s Republicans are willing to recall this truth. You won’t read of it in the official history of the Republican Party, but there is proof of it.

The book, which reveals all the hideous Communist secrets about Lincoln’s Marxists and the grand old party, is entitled Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists; Marxism in the Civil War. It was published in 2007 in paperback. Meticulously researched and written by two Southern patriots, Walter Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr., the book will be republished by the Pelican Publishing Company Kennedy and Benson give us detailed proof of participation in Communist organizations by many of Lincoln’s top military officers

Karl Marx and Charles Anderson Dana remained in close communication with each other. Marx, also, communicated with Abe Lincoln. Ingenious Lincoln managed to evade having most of these messages placed in Archives and museums, but some have survived and prove that such correspondence existed. Marx is even given credit for advising Lincoln as to how best to treat the defeated South. It is reported that Marx gave Lincoln the word “Reconstruction” as a name for his Southern treatment program. Reconstruction must have been defined by Marx as the name for the process of altering the minds of Southerners, so they would become good citizens of a brave new world , one World Order–be good little, loyal little Marxist-Republicans.

When you learned how Mr. Obama’s brown shirted, black-faced Democrats stomped about at the polls to ensure his election by frightening Republicans away, thanks to politically correct historians eager to cover up the truth about the Republicans, you did not know that the Republican Party’s federal bayonets were used at the North’s polls to assure Lincoln’s second election by frightening northern Democrats away. Those northern Democrats had the power to defeat Lincoln. Had they done so, the war would have ended. In time the two segments of America would have kissed and made up. This would not happen, because Marxists could not allow all they had worked and dreamed of to be lost because of Democrats’ voting.

Most of you have never read the Communist Manifesto (the Communist bible), so you are unaware just how much of Communism our U.S. government has embraced. I am giving you a hand-out of the ten planks in the Communists’ platform. Prepare for a major shock wave. I would call your attention, especially, to the Communist plank stipulating all citizens must pay a progressive Income tax and to the plank demanding free, central government-controlled public education. The educational one is an especially important one. Put into action during Reconstruction in the South, it spread throughout the nation —and enabled the successful brain-washing of generations of Southerners and other Americans, Even the few remaining church schools became contaminated by the fall-out from this plank. Another plank gave the U.S. its Federal Reserve Bank (which purports to be government -controlled but which is owned by Internationalists who are believed to control the
candidates for all high-level elections in America. The Federal Reserve Bank, as we all should know, has NEVER BEEN AUDITED.

Plank Four in the Manifesto is rather horrible. It declares that all rebels have their property confiscated. This was used by the Republican Party government for taking the homes and lands of individual Southerners and redistributing their property. How abhorrent this one 11 should be to all Americans who believe in the U.S. Constitution. Under it, Southerners lost thousands of acres. For example, Rebel Jeff Davis’ property was taken away and given to his former slaves. General Sherman’s showed his acceptance of that Plank when he stated that his idea was to give all the land bordering the Atlantic and the Gulf to blacks. He also advocated bringing good Republicans from the north to replace Southern property owners. Sherman, tried to ease his guilty conscience—but too late I declare. Besides his war crimes, he and his Senator brother bought for pennies Southern lands their Marxist-Radicals taxed the real owners out of.

No matter how many Glenn Becks say otherwise, slavery was not the cause of the war; secession was not illegal. The Marxists coupled with a few New England abolitionists and created the Republican Party in order to start a war and take over a nation. Money, also, entered into the picture, for at one time all the South had to do was pay the Yankees the enormous taxes (the tariffs) that Republicans had slapped on Southern farmers and Plantations owners and there would have been no invasion by Lincoln’s army—or so, Lincoln said.
Some Southerners believe the war was caused only when THE NORTH insisted that THE SOUTH TO BECOME ITS MILK COW-and instead of saying moo, the South said, “No.”

But the real, too long unrecognized reason that Mr. Lincoln’s army attacked our South was that an absolute multitude of Marxists brought direct from Europe to the United States their SOCIALIST REVOLUTION– their Communist plan to rule the world. They failed to win their war in Europe, but they succeeded in America. The conversion of the U.S. from a God-recognizing Republic into an atheistic, Communist state was just one of their goals.

Several major groups of very wealthy and very influential elitists are working, quite successfully toward the fulfillment of those very goals. Our sharing of the truths of our Confederate nation will help halt the slide of our America into that New World Order of Communism, wherein an oligarchy rules our nation and the world.
In conclusion, I would finish the poem with which I began:

Deo Vindice
Let now be the Confederate hour,
Let now be ours the power
To force truth from mouths of government liars,
To light their consciences with Heaven’s own fires,
Let us make the people of the world aware
That Confederates’ truth fills America’s air.


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