Lincoln’s love letters to his male lover
Dear SHNV Friends,
For years some folks have given me that skeptical look of "Oh sure!" when I told them of Lincoln’s love letters to his male lover of 5 years Joshua Speed.  I hope you were watching the history channel last night.
The History Channel did a special on the sex life of some of the U.S. Presidents and told about Lincoln and three relationships they knew of that "many people" considered homosexual.  While President of the United States when Mary was out of town Lincoln had male friends who would come to the White House and spend the night with him in his bed and "wear Lincoln’s night shirts."
They also told of his four years sleeping with Joshua Speed in a cottage.  Then they showed the cottage.  It was big as two plantation homes with many more bedrooms than it usually used.  There was no necessity for Lincoln to have been sleeping with Joshua Speed contrary to what the court historians have been saying for years in their less than credible denials about Lincoln’s sex life.
This program went farther than they did five months when these court historians read portions of Lincoln’s letters to his male lover which he consistently signed , "Forever and affectionately yours. Abe Lincoln."  This was the way he signed letters he wrote to Joshua Speed. Lincoln never signed any letters to his wife or previous women he knew in this unusually warm manner.  I think that having  a half-black Democrat in the White House  is inspiring the court historians to be more open in expressing their views of past history in the moral liberal terms of the agenda of today’s socialist Democrats.
Most voters are not aware that the agenda of today’s Democrats only became this way following World War II when American Nazi’s began attending Democratic precinct meetings believing that the Democrat Party would be easier and more open for them to infiltrate due to their party rules.  From the late 1940’s through the late 1950’s there as a tremendous fight over changing the heart of the Democrat Party.  By the early 1960’s traditional conservative democrats lost control of the party’s agenda. Precinct leaders and workers were not aware of their
Nazi beliefs and background in support of the German American Bund or German American Federation (German: /Amerikadeutscher Bund/).
The liberalism of today’s Democrat Party isn’t just Marxist, but it is the view of the National Socialists German Workers Party of Adolph Hitler. The United States government had already become largely fascist in the early 1800’s when such northern senators such as Daniel Webster began taking pay from northern industries to represent them in their duties as elected representatives of the United States government.  By 1930 Webster was on the payroll of 40 northern industries.  Fascism was seen by Southerners as a major enemy of freedom and liberty, so the Confederate South wrote its Constitution in such a manner as to prohibit pork-barrel politics.  You could not tax the states to raise money to support projects outside of their states.
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation