Lincoln’s death toll
Dear Mr. Jordan:
Your letter to the Ford’s Theater Society is excellent, but I will suggest that you are woefully short in your body count. The 650,000 that you mention, I believe, is the count of the soldiers, North and South, who died in the conflict. It does not take into account those Confederate prisoners of war whom you do mention and who died as the result of a deliberate policy on the part of the United States Government. There is more than enough proof of this fact in the records kept by the Union!
But most importantly, it doesn’t take into account the death toll among Southern civilians from starvation, exposure, disease, rape, murder and what today is called “collateral damage”. I believe that someone estimated if one were to include these victims of Lincoln’s evil war, the toll would rise to over a million, many of whom belonged to classes of people previously protected by civilized societies even during what was called “total war”. Any study at all of men like Sherman and Sheridan clearly demonstrate the attitude of the Union and, hence, it’s leaders – including saintly Abe.
No, your figures sir are considerably lower than they should be. Worse, their increase is the result of a war upon noncombatants: the old, the crippled and women and children – and not upon soldiers in the field. The name Lincoln should be a badge of shame rather than that of an American icon. God spare us from such icons.
Valerie Protopapas


Re: Lincoln’s death toll
Ms. Protopapas,
I used the figure of 620,000 military dead and added 50,000 Southern civilians to arrive at my casualty number.  These are the figures that I hear and read about frequently.  They are no doubt a little light but I have no other information on this.  One of my ancestors died at Pt. Lookout.  The official death toll there is about 3300, but the Descendants of Point Lookout, of which I am a member, puts it at 14,000 plus.  I have just recently come across a book written by a New York reporter that incriminates Lincoln and Grant because it deals with the prisoner exchanges.  I need to get this written up and passed on to you and Mr. Demastus.  It is new stuff as far as I know.  Just when I think Lincoln is as sleazy as he can get, I find something else.
Joe Jordan