Apparently Mr. Kennedy has not documented the fact that Lincoln was a war criminal by any standard.  He suspended habeas Corpus and executed many folks by tribunal.  Many from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, etc.  He arrested the legislature of Maryland and held them without trial and put his own appointed stooges in their place.  Not to mention that these men he jailed were the elected representatives of the people.  He authorized the pillage of the South by Gens. Sheridan and Sherman and authorized the cancellation of the Rix-Hill Prisoner of War Cartel with express purpose of putting pressure on the overtaxed South knowing that this would mean the death and suffering of numerous prisoners on each side.  I could go on and on.  Don’t insult us with Scholastic and pedantic rhetorical nit-picking and elitist snobbery.  These facts are so basic that anyone with a cursive interest in the history of the War Between the States would not question them… you know, basic Civil War 101, Douglas Southall Freeman, Bruce Catton, Battles and Leaders, Rhuleman’s Henry Wirtz etc. etc.  just to mention several.  Why shucks, we didn’t even treat the Nazis or Japanese during WW II like Lincoln defiled the people of the South!  Then, if that were not enough, the Yankees deified this failure and made him an icon of the ignorant!  Enough said.  The only argument I’ve seen against facts is “Well, He got the job done!”  And he did!  To Lincoln, the end justified the means!  Have you heard that somewhere before? 
Bob Lovell