From: Georgia Flagger,
Date: August 11, 2009
This past Sunday, I sat thru a brief lecture on lincoln and how ‘true’ historians like mvpherson sing the praises of the great emancipator, and how simple ‘economists’ like DeLorenzo stir up discontent and should be looked at as controversial.
I submitted myself to this torture to at least be a lone voice of reason against what can only be described as propaganda to further the wonderfulness of lincoln.
After the DeLorenzo bashing and public question time, I told the speaker guy Dr bohannon about my dislike for his hero, that I protested against the lincoln abonination at Tredegar, That it’s placement there was like a hitler statue in Jerusalem, and that his pretty display didn’t cover anything near the truth, like lincolns open support for the Corwin Amendment.
I plan on going back for more opposition against this invasion.
A member of the Carrollton Camp was there in the audience, but said nothing till it was over, then went and shook bohannon’s hand. The Carrollton Camp was the one that refused me permission to march in the Carrollton Parade in 2003 cause I had the audacity to be holding a 1956 Georgia State Flag on my pole.
Thanks & God Bless
Billy Bearden 673