LTTE Re: Lincoln exhibit
Dear Editor
My question is – "Should we be grateful for the Neva Lomason Library Lincoln display here in Carrollton?"
I went to see it on 4 occasions. It is very professionally done, is complimented by excellent full color brochures and literature, with pictures and artifacts – even has some limited interactivity. The very pleasant and hospitable Holly Lane was a ‘tour guide’ for my Saturday visits.
That is about the extent of my positive experiences. Most were mainly very to extremely negative.
I sat thru the opening lecture by Dr Bohannon in which pro Lincoln books were given glowing reviews and those with a differing opinion were given his blatant stamp of strong disproval. I sensed a slight leftist bias, but then I saw he got his training from up in Yankeeland and understood the bias.
I saw very important facts like Lincoln’s open and public support (1st Inaugural Address March 1861) for a Constitutional Amendment (Corwin) making slavery perpetual and forever permanent was omitted. Also left out were some other factors like the United State’s Congressional Resolutions of July 1861 giving the REAL reasons for the War – which DID NOT include slavery.
Oddly, but perhaps not were the racist quotes against blacks by Lincoln were also not included in this wall of propaganda. Statements where Lincoln didn’t want blacks as equals, blacks to hold office or vote, and that he favored whites in the superior position over blacks.
In the timeline of slavery in America, they didn’t include the precedent setting case of Mr. Anthony Johnson of 1655 Northampton County Virginia. Mr. Johnson was a well to do black man, who in 1655 was granted by the Va court the "Lifetime Servitude Rights" of his black servant John Casor – thus establishing the basis in America for slavery as we knew it.
The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free a single soul. It exempted Hampton Roads, New Orleans, West Virginia and Tennessee – anywhere the Union held control. It also left intact slavery in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri.
Of course it also contained other errors – like the blatant lie that said General Nathan Bedford Forrest ‘founded the KKK’ when in fact it was not. The 1871 US Congressional Investigative Committee not only cleared Forrest of any Klan involvement, he was credited with publicly calling for it’s disbandment in 1869.
So, to answer my original question from above, Carrollton should demand its money back, demand an apology for the black eye this work of leftist propaganda gave it’s innocent citizens, and hopefully set a record in packing this monstrosity up and running it and it’s creators out of town on a rail never to return with such lies.
Thanks and God Bless
Billy Bearden
Carrollton Georgia