Abraham Lincoln has always appealed to the Marxists. James McPherson, that establishment historian (and  I used that word loosely) admitted in one of his books that Lincoln championed the cause of the socialist forty-eithers in Europe in 1848 and then went on to admit that Karl Marx turned around and he and his socialist and Marxist friends supported Lincoln and the Republican Party–in fact there were socialists that helped to write the Republican Party platform in 1860, notably Carl Schurz. Anyone thinking the Republican Party was conservative in its foundations hasn’t done the homework. The Republicans were the leftist radicals of their day (1860s) and judging by how many of them today are voting with Obama’s socialist Democrats, not much has really changed.
Lincoln has been very popular among both Communists and Nazis and both Hitler, Marx, and Lenin shared Lincoln’s views on secession–a band of brothers!
When Donnie Kennedy and I wrote Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists we were trying to alert not only our Southern brethren but also sincere folks around the country as to just who and what Lincoln and the Republican Party really were and we were trying to let them know that our problems in this country with communism started much, much earlier than the days of FDR, which is what most naively believe.
The War of Northern Aggression was this country’s Marxist revolution and it happened  quite awhile before the same type of revolution took place in Russia. We had our Mar xist revolution in this country over half a century before Russia had hers. The problem was that the historians told us what happened in Russia but omitted the fact that the same thing had already happened here, but in a more subtle vein. We have not lived, any of us alive now, in the country the founders bequeather to us. We have all lived only in "Post-America" which is now in the process, quite rapidly, of becoming the USSA–the United Socialist States of Amerika. And Barack Obama, or whatever his name really is, whether he is even a US citizen or not, is the man that has been programmed to take us there.
Lincoln, Obama, and the Marxists are all kissin’ cousins and we will never really understand our history until we realize what really happened here in 1865.
Al Benson Jr.
co-author of Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists.