Dear Mr. Parsons,
It is not that Dr. Franklin has not read enough history – with his credentials I would be astonished if he is not “well read”. The problem is the nature of the so-called “history” that he has read. If all one reads is the Wizard of Oz, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, Homer and other such legends, then it is understandable that one’s viewpoint is not going to reflect historical facts. Thus, it is hardly Dr. Franklin’s fault that he is ignorant albeit at this point he should be prepared to leave the fantasy world of “orthodox historians” regarding that seminal period in the nation’s history and begin to look at history drawn from facts rather than myth. Indeed, I would suggest that he begin with a book written by an author who has great respect for Lincoln personally (rather than books which originate from an adversarial point of view) entitled: Did Lincoln And The Republican Party Create The Civil War?: An Argument, by Robert Broadwater. It might well open Dr. Franklin’s eyes, especially with regard to Lincoln’s use of the military to insure his “victory” in New York and other swing states in the 1864 election.
In this exchange, Dr. Franklin has received information stemming from plain, unadulterated facts. I even sent him Lincoln’s own words with regards to the race issue. Now it is up to him as to whether he will look further into the matter seeking historical truth or cling to his unworthy demi-god in the face of overwhelming proof of the man’s crimes. Dr. Franklin appears to be an intelligent and perceptive man. I can only hope that he chooses to be disillusioned rather than to remain purposefully ignorant.