For those folks that think Abraham Lincoln was a great man and a Christian please take the time to read The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo, Prima Publishing, Roseville, California  and Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists by Donnie Kennedy and myself, iUniverse 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47403. These two books taken together will give you a portrait of an Abraham Lincoln you would probably rather not read about–but you should.
Both books can be found on the Internet–Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.
As for Mr. Lincoln’s Christian faith, I have seen lots of anecdotes and stories about that but they do not stack up next to the evidence provided by those who knew Lincoln personally–primary sources such as Ward Lamon and William Herndon, who felt that Mr. Lincoln was some sort of infidel.
I would also invite you to check out my website  as there are several articles on it about Mr. Lincoln. If you admire him you will not enjoy them, they may make you mad. I, also, once thought Lincoln was a great man. I was forced to revise my views.
Al Benson Jr.