Dear J Ross Franklin, PhD and list,
Thank you so much for stepping forward to open dialogue about this particular part of Chet’s talking points.
As a woman who was raised and lived in the North for most of her life- have to agree that Lincoln was the most written about president that ever lived. However I’d like to point out that in most wars ‘to the victor go the spoils’, including that all important feature of writing the history books. Many important facts and social elements of the war have been excluded, namely that it was an act of northern aggression, probably unnecessary and had little if anything to do with ending slavery.
Next, you rightly show concern that we are now in 2 wars and the interesting feature of your sentence is the phrase "both in doubt". If the two wars we’re in right now are ‘dubious’ who is to say Lincolns War was not too? Does this mean we shouldn’t be in these wars? If so, I couldn’t agree more and what better way to prevent a repeat of history than to study it. Perhaps you can see how this review IS an important talking point today. Lets be proactive in preventing similar mistakes from going on into perpetuity.
Personally, I am beginning to feel helpless and hopeless to change anything about the Goliathan Federal government, which grows itself unconstitutional every hour. And it’s no longer subtle but direct "in your face" assault on the constitution and all attempts to reign it in are met with invective and ridicule. I find myself looking around and wondering, ‘if there’s nothing more I can do, no one is listening, where can I go to get out of here’? When a sufficient number of Americans start wondering the same, maybe its time to look at ceding.
We owe it to our posterity, our founders and ourselves to make an effort to unwind the mess this country is in and to do so openly and in gentlemanly fashion. To study history, discuss the options today we can prevent aggression yet encourage and achieve action.
DD Gudenau
P.S. You owe it to yourself to read Thomas DiLorenzo’s ‘The Real Lincoln’. And be reminded the Constitution calls for dismantling injustice.