The Life and Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson
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I’m Oh-So-Happy to finally re-announce the release of Robert Lewis Dabney’s “Life and Campaigns of Lieutenant General Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson”! We had, as I said before, a serious computer glitch that made our source file unusable. Having located a different source file, we made great haste to get the text justified, wrapped and spell checked as soon as possible. We were delayed several additional days getting the images formatted and installed into the working file. Now that this has been finished, we have put this book up on our growing list of Antebellum Southern and Christian classics offerings on As compensation for the delay in release, we are going to leave the PDF file free for the asking until at least Valentine’s Day! Preview this very worth-reading book at no charge.
Robert Lewis Dabney knew Stonewall Jackson like no other biographer. He was his friend, his adjutant, and sometimes a spiritual advisor. He was a fellow Virginian, fellow Presbyterian, and fellow college instructor. He was able, like no one else perhaps, to see the spiritual dimension of Jackson’s life for which he has become duly famous as giving all due credit to the Almighty for his Providential care and protection. Read and see for yourself why Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson is one of the South’s greatest and most popular heroes.
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