Commentary by J. A. Davis

"The principal for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form." —Jefferson Davis

"Though written constitutions may be violated in moments of passion or delusion, yet they furnish a text to which those who are watchful may again rally and recall the people. They fix, too, for the people the principles of their political creed." —Thomas Jefferson

The message today is mixed. Disheartening and hopeful optimism, all at the same time.

Anyone who cares about the Republic which we were charged with keeping, has to be disheartened as every day news breaks of more and more deviations from the liberties we once had.

Most recent is the unknown thousands of violations by the FBI of the privacy rights of domestic citizens with no apparent ties to international terrorism. You’ll never know of the violations of several other agencies, some more vicious than the FBI.

We warned about it previously in the Liberty Lost series, when the media and the politicians were saying we’re out on a fictitious witch hunt.

Of course, they said the same about our series on the GHC website regarding illegal immigration. The same naysayers have made light of our detailed losses of the basic individual rights clearly defined, that are methodically, one by one. not by law, but by wanton abandonment.

The bad news is this is just the beginning. When we finally wake up and recognize we have a government made up of people who are out to destroy the Constitution. They have a better idea, the North American Union, and ultimately, a Globalist Empire.

When you pay close attention, you find alarming hints without revealing the sordid details unfolding before our very eyes. Hint, President Bush reportedly said, "…the Constitution is just a g** d***** piece of paper." Attorney General Gonzales was even more explicit when he described our Constitution as a living, changing document, or some such frightful description.

There are more deceitful usurpations to come. Some have been been working under the cover of secrecy for some time.

The question is, does anyone care?

That brings us to the more favorable news. Apparently there are some who care, and are beginning to rustle. Not nearly enough people, but at least some who are using their voices to speak out.

The reason I know is lately, the GHC website has been emphasizing the liberties lost. Virtually all of our well read and highly regarded columnists have centered on this theme. The results are astounding. Every day we get messages and calls from people from all over the nation, commenting about what they’ve learned from us, how they’ve considered and validated what they’ve read here.

Guess what? They are, for the most part, not Southerners. One who called from Minnesota mused about what would have happened had the South won the War Between the States. His conclusion, the Constitution would be intact at least in part of the country, and there would be no 14th amendment protecting "anchor babies" and the new welfare system they establish. Where did he learn about this? The GHC website. We probably need to place some emphasis on some the other ill begotten amendments, like the 17th, that shifted the senate from the states to the power money brokers.

Another called about the illegal 14th Amendment which both Steve Scroggins and I have written considerably about. Our discussion brought out an interesting highlight we haven’t written much about. The nation nearly fell apart without the South to blame with the illegal passage of the 14th Amendment, a veto by President Andrew Johnson, which caused so much anger he was impeached and saved of conviction by only one vote. How many really know of the peril faced by our nation then? All over an illegal amendment that good Americans still challenge.

U. S. History is very interesting. More and more people are learning some interesting truths about it, right here on the GHC website. Real history, fully documented, but seldom taught in schools and universities.

One lady mailed me a message which said, "I’m from the North. I’m beginning to realize you Southerners may be the real American patriots." To that I say, absolutely, but we believe in sharing our patriotism with all great Americans, including folks like Sam Adams, Ben Franklin, John Hancock and so many dedicated liberty lovers from all corners of this nation. They still exist. We need more, wiling to stand once again as one, to defeat a force far greater than any that ever threatened us before.

Marse Robert gave us a message. "Go home and be good citizens" We sure as hell have tried. Happy 200th birthday to you, General Lee.

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