More liberal double standards?

August 3
Wilmington Conservative Examiner
Kevin Whiteman

In a July 23, 2010 op/ed piece, columnist Leonard Pitts comes out in favor of the controversial mosque that is proposed for construction at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.

As Pitts wrote; (emphasis mine) "… the Constitution does not carry an escape clause. We do not get to jettison our national ideals just because they cause pain or provoke. To the contrary, that is the time they are most severely tested and most desperately in need of defending."

Interestingly enough, less than two months prior, Pitts equates the Confederate flag with a swastika. As Pitts wrote; (emphasis mine) "conservative Southern Republicans fought affirmative action, poverty programs and attempts to ban the American swastika, i.e., the Confederate battle flag, from public lands."


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