Dear SHNV Friends,

Below is a dialogue from this morning that may be of some interest.  What do you think?

I received this e-mail from MisFit Hiding, "Hm . . . wonder if I would mind letting the South secede from the union. I know Texas wanted to when Obama was elected. Many would have left the state because they felt like US citizens. Also, many on SSI and SSD would have had to in order to retain their bennies. I wouldn’t care, I think. I wouldn’t miss those states or the people that live in them. Most associated with me would leave those states and come North enough to be back in the USA."

My answer was, "Your phrase "l-e-t-t-i-n-g the South secede from the union" and "if- I-would-mind" are a key to understanding this important issue. What a person or 51% of people would mind is not relevant to this issue. The nature of freedom is what is relevant. The problem for the South would not be people leaving (most returning) for the northern States, rather it would be the massive number of northerners moving South claiming refuge status."

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