Letter to Windsor Jewelers

From: XtianConfdrt@aol.com

Dear Mr. Thompson:

As a retired veteran and a Civil War re-enactor, I was recently told that you were the primary reason that Civil War re-enactors were excluded from participating in the Armed Forces Day Augusta event. They were told they could not wear their uniforms nor could they bring their flags. If this is true, I am highly offended by such limitations imposed on individuals who sole goal is to promote public education.

I do not understand why you would make such limitations during an event that was planned to celebrate our military and our military legacy. Confederate history is American history! It was our Confederate veterans that inspired their sons to fight as Americans during the Spanish-American War and during World War I. Their grandsons did the same fighting tyranny in World War II.

I had five ancestors who wore Confederate gray—two of which gave their lives—and it was their service that inspired me to join the military as a teenager. I have served my country in uniform over twenty-four years as a result, and I continue to serve it by working at the Augusta VA Hospital.

Having recently moved to Augusta in 2006, I’m sure my family will eventually want to buy watches or jewelry. Because of your hostility to Confederate re-enactors and Confederate heritage, I will urge my family and friends to avoid patronizing Windsor Jewelers.

Thank you for your time!


Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Major, USAF, Retired