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21 December 2007

Dear Sir/Madam:

Enclosed is your Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls license agreement for 2008.

Dixie Outfitters continues to be the leader in Southern Heritage products as our line broadens and diversifies each year. Our valued and loyal customers depend on us to educate the public about our heritage and fight for our Southern rights. We will continue to work to accomplish our mission with the continued support of our dealers and customers.

Many new products were offered in 2007. Notable leaders in new product sales were bumper stickers and window stickers. Wallets and belts also sold very well this holiday season, and we plan to broaden these lines significantly in the coming months. Mirror car tags sales were outstanding, and the colorful coffee mugs are also very popular with the public. Clocks, dog tags and new hat styles also contributed to great 2007 sales.

All of these new products are available to our licensed dealers. If you have not tried these products, you are missing a great opportunity to increase your sales.

Please fill in the appropriate blanks in the enclosed licensing agreement, answer all the questions in the Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls Licensing Questionnaire, sign your agreement in the appropriate place and send in your license fee.

The number of license holders in some areas will be limited, so get your license agreement back to us as early as possible to be considered for your location. You will be notified within 10 business days if your license agreement has been approved.

Barber and Company and Dixie Outfitters look forward to a great 2008. Many new products, designs, and improved procedures will result in a stronger brand and an enhanced position in the market. We appreciate all of our dealers and look forward to making 2008 the best year ever.

Best Regards,

Dewey W. Barber
Owner, Barber and Company/dba Dixie Outfitters