Letter to Sul Ross State University

From: rwaldburg2@gmx.de


this is my letter to the President of the Sul Ross State University about the highly offensive article of David Johnson in the students newsletter of this college. I put emphasis on the notification that I will recommend several organisations in Europe to notice the deplorable level of the student publication to other Universities in Europe. That may have an effect on possible international student exchange programmes with other Universities. I hope to get him were it hurts most.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from Europe after reading an article in your student newsletter an American friend of mine sent to me. The author is a certain David Johnson and the title of his article "The true meaning behind flags".

This is to express my surprise and outrage from the point of view of a German. In a global world every word can be read everywhere, so thanks to God I can respond and protest against this article. It is offensive both to Americans and Germans by drawing a comparison line between most honorable Confederate ideals (you may not share them, but must respect your history, CSA General Sul Ross fought for them) and the criminal totalitarian system of the Nazis. Your author seems even to be proud of drawing such a direct comparison. This shows two things: total lack of knowledge of his own history and a level of hate and prejudice that are enough to disqualify him as a gentleman of college education.

If such an article of falsehood and hate can be published in the student newsletter of your University, it proves not freedom of opinion, but the lack of seriosity of a publication for students. Hate, falsehood and ignorance are against the spirit of any University and are harmful to the education of the students.

This is also to inform you that I will put into knowledge of several Holocaust memorial organisations in Germany and Austria and the Central Jewish Council of Germany the nonsense your University publication allows to publish. And I will strongly recommend them to notice this to other Universities in Europe. That may have an effect on possible international student exchange programmes of Sul Ross State University.

Sincerely yours,

Raphael Waldburg-Zeil

P.S. Are you interested in History? Two short facts for you:

Did you ever know that Adolf Hitler had greatest admiration for Abraham Lincoln and his ideals of a more authoritarian centralised federal government as the nucleus of a future totalitarian state as Hitler himself made real in Germany? (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. II, Die Nazionalsozialistische Bewegung, Chapter 10, Der Föderalismus als Maske, Franz Eher Verlag, Munich, Ed. 1941, p. 634) – we study and know our history.

Did you know the curious irony of History that one of Lincolns honor guards in his funeral train was U.S. Army Major Carl Baily Norris von Schirach, his grandson was Baldur von Schirach, Leader of the Hitler Youth Movement in Germany and very proud of having his grandfather wearing the blue in the "Civil War" for the Union. He regretted not having "white Americans" on the side of the Nazis, exactly as the reborn KKK men, proudly waving the USA flag, did.