My letter to The State


Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from Spain, Europe, to express my deepest sadness after reading your editorial note called Thanks to the flag, we’ve got Nazis on our steps. This is not only far from true; it is quite stupid, in my opinion.

The Battle Flag in the SC Statehouse monument remembers all those brave Confederate soldiers who fought during 1861 to 1865 to defend the State and the people of South Carolina. It’s part of on an historical monument. That’s it.

A very different matter is all the malicious political issues launched about the flag in the last decades by groups like the NAACP, the KKK, the Nazi Party, etc. They have a different focus on the flag, but they are all misusing this symbol, that should be a respected symbol of an American idea, a symbol of History, a symbol of respect. Even if you are not proud of your heritage, perhaps because you don’t know it better, you should be able to make a difference between the Confederate battle flag, as flown beneath the Confederate Monument and any misuse of it. Either the flag desecration by leftist groups or the false flag honoring by Nazis.

By the way, as the entire Western World knows very well, the flag of the official American National Socialist Movement is the US Flag. The Stars and Stripes is also the loved banner of the KKK since 1915. So what’s wrong in your Nation, Sir?

Sincerely yours

Raphael Waldburg
Madrid, Spain