Letters to the Editors of the St. Pete Times
From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
To: tnickens@sptimes.com
To:  jjames@sptimes.com
As an associate member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, (and a fairly good writer in my own right), I have 3 questions for you:
1 – What ever possessed you to hire Daniel Ruth? In his December 10th "License to Promote Ignorance" column, he offers next to no argument for not allowing a Confederate license plate. All I see in the article is his personal disapproval, along with about 20 ‘cute’ insults aimed at those he detests – i.e., people like me. Is this your idea of journalism? Is your readership so intellectually challenged that you have to hire Daniel Ruth as the only means of communication you have with them? Has the IQ level of the people in the area in which you live sunk to Jerry Springer-like levels?
2 – I’m a pretty good writer myself – I can hurl insults with the best of them – got a job for me? I’d like to bask in the light of the warm Florida sun too…… and get paid for it…
3. Speaking of basking in the sun and getting paid for it, does Ruth still live in that well-to-do lily-white neighborhood of his? It must be so nice – getting paid to proselytize for social justice, but not have to get his hands dirty? Easy to talk – not so easy to "DO," eh? Frankly, I’ve always believed that if you don’t walk the walk, that you should not talk the talk. I’m retired – from 30 years of "walking the walk." How much real "walking" has Mr. Ruth done?
Bill Vallante
Commack, N.Y.
SCV Camps 1506, 3000, Associate Member