Letter to Re. Boyd Brown

From: cwipaulk@earthlink.net

Dear Representative Brown,

Cultural genocide has been waged against the Southern people since “Reconstruction”, and you seem intent on continuing the scalawag and Yankee tradition. Our brave Southern ancestors fought and died against insurmountable odds to defend their homes and families from an illegal and unconstitutional invasion. The result of that invasion was over 600,000 Americans killed, not including over 50,000 innocent Southern civilians slaughtered through Lincoln’s “total war” policy, which General Sherman was only too happy to carry out. You, sir, do a great dishonor to the memory of our brave dead in wanting to do away with a holiday that recognizes them. It is probably for political expedience to garner favor with historically challenged groups of people that you endeavor to do this. Whatever the reason, it is wrong. Rewritten history has been shoved down the throats of all Americans for many decades, but with the advent of the internet, the number of those enlightened to true history is growing exponentially. I would like to see some of our public figures jump off the “down with Southern heritage” bandwagon, and have the guts to stand up for what is true and right. I would also like to win the lottery; neither is likely to happen.

I will close with saying that you are a disgrace to the memory of our fine, brave Confederates who did all they could to repel an unnecessary, illegal invasion in defense of their beloved homeland. Since that defeat, the liberal Yankee government has taken us farther and farther off the track of where our Founders intended us to be, and we have become exactly what they did not want us to be; a large, intrusive, overbearing, liberty-snatching centralized government, of which you are a contributing member.

Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK