Letter to Orlando Sentinel

From: rwaldburg2@gmx.de


My protest letter to this Mr. Díaz in the Orlando Sentinel.


Dear Mr. Diaz:

You write about "to put brakes" on proposals for Confederate heritage license plates in Florida. Your rationale for that is, as usual, based on prejudice and ignorance about what the Confederacy really stood for and historical facts – including the one that almost every American citizen with an Hispanic name as yours fought proudly "in Rebel uniforms and buttons," (your quotation marks).

Your primitive and offensive comparison draw of the Confederate flag and the Nazi swastika is pure nonsense, I could say I am becoming tired of such primitive lie propaganda, but as a proud European, German by birth, liberated from Nazi oppression by Americans who had most respect to Confederate soldiers and their Heritage, like Generals Eisenhower and Patton, I must protest against such disgusting tactics to besmirch the history of your own country by following a kind of Holocaust denial.

There is only one good thing in your article, I quote you:

"And while it is proper to mourn all the brothers and sisters of past generations who died, you don’t do it by flaunting one of the defining symbols of racism."

Just do the first thing and get knowledge that the Confederate flag is NOT a symbol of racism but a honorable part of your history, as President F.D. Roosevelt said: "Veterans of the Blue and the Gray, stay united in the spirit of brotherhood and peace." Don’t break this spirit just because people misuse the CSA flag as they do with the USA flag. And don’t become a sappy follower of modern propaganda falsehood about the Confederacy.

Yours most sincerely,

Raphael Waldburg-Zeil