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21 Dec 2007

Greetings from Dixie Outfitters,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining the Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls family. We look forward to a long and profitable business relationship.

Dixie Outfitters is working hard every day to preserve our precious Southern Heritage. Our website,, is a valuable source of information to the general public as well as our Southern children and their parents. Here we tell the real truth about the causes of the War for Southern Independence. We feature news articles that are relevant to our Southern Heritage and interesting emails from our customers. Our flag ban procedures, lists of heritage violator schools, and letters to schools are sources of help for students and parents. We inform and consult with parents and students every day regarding actions they may take to overcome the unlawful Confederate flag bans imposed by some ignorant school administrators. We help them in their fight to preserve their lawful right to freedom of speech in their schools.

We support and contribute to historic preservation groups like The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Va. and numerous others.

We support and contribute to the Southern Legal Resource Center, a nonprofit group of lawyers who fight in the courts to preserve our Southern rights.

We contribute to and assist groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Southern Heritage News and Views in their fund raising and educational efforts. We organize, attend and speak at Southern Heritage events and rallies in an effort to inform the public and create awareness concerning Southern Heritage issues.

Our catalogs are designed to educate and inform as well as to sell our products. We are the leader in Southern Heritage apparel because we mirror the lifestyle and heritage of the South in a tasteful genuine manner. We are working to preserve our Southern way of life for our children and the generations to follow. Our motives are not strictly profit oriented.

In short, we are different from most of our competitors. We believe in and work to preserve our Southern Heritage.

The Future of Dixie Outfitters

The licensing of Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls lines in 2003 was a major step in the positioning of our products in the marketplace. We were not satisfied with the poor quality of some of the products bearing our trademarks. We were not satisfied with many of the vendors of our products whose only motivation was to sell as much as they could, as fast as they could. We were not satisfied with some of our vendors who knew nothing and cared little about our Southern Heritage.

We want the Dixie Outfitters brand to stand for quality and respect for the consumer and his needs. We want Dixie Outfitters to stand for all the great things that the South stands for like honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness and trust. We want dealers who know and love the South and operate by the principles that make the South the greatest place in the world to live. We want our Southern Heritage to survive and we want our vendors to have a profitable business that can contribute to the well being of their families and Southern Heritage. We want Dixie Outfitters to continue to be a leader in preserving our Southern way of life.

Our Licensees are Important to Us

You are very important to the future of Dixie Outfitters. Dixie Outfitters does sell directly to the consumer via the Internet and mail order via our catalog, but we believe that dealers like you best distribute our products. Buyers of our products buy via the Internet and mail order only when they do not have access to dealers such as you. We know that the consumer had rather see and feel the product before buying it. We do not believe that our catalog or Internet sales have a negative impact on your sales. In fact, we believe that the exposure that Dixie Outfitters receives via these two mediums has a positive effect on your sales. Often times the consumer uses our catalog to purchase from you and many times they use the Internet to pick out a design that they then purchase from you. Our prices are almost always higher than the price that they pay from you and the fact is that they had just rather buy face to face with a supplier. We understand this, accept this and encourage this type of purchase. We do not intend to ever limit ourselves to Internet or mail order sales but plan to strengthen and build our network of dealers. We will eventually try to evenly distribute our vendors in an effort to reduce head to head competition.

More Products are Available to our Dealers

Included in this package is a Wholesale Price List for all of our Dixie Outfitters/Dixie Girls products. All of the products featured in our Volume 13 catalog are now available to you at wholesale prices. We plan to expand our lines even more in the future, offering products from underwear to outerwear and many different accessories. We encourage you to offer these different products to your customers. The more Dixie Outfitters products that you carry, the more you are recognized as a Dixie Outfitters dealer. Consumers will grow to depend on you for all of their Dixie Outfitters items.

Promote Dixie Outfitters

Many consumers and the general public know of the Dixie Outfitters mission and accomplishments because of the publicity we have received in publications like The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Christian Science Monitor, People Magazine and many other newspaper and magazines across the country. News stories have also been seen on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News and many local newscasts.

Our dealers are now limited to those who purchase a license agreement. There are fewer dealers now than there were in previous years. And, since our products are the most popular Southern Heritage products on the market, you do not have to sell based on price alone. You can ask more for our products and make a higher profit margin.

One of the keys to increasing your prices is making sure that the customer knows about Dixie Outfitters and its stand for Southern Heritage. You can do this by:

1. Making sure each customer has a Dixie Outfitters catalog. Catalogs are available to you at our cost of $0.50 each. You can sell them to the customer or give them away at your discretion. It is a good idea to have stickers made with your company name, address and phone number and stick them to the catalog for future reference by the customer.

2. Place Dixie Outfitters hang tags on each product. These hang tags are available for three cents each from Dixie Outfitters. They tell the story of Dixie Outfitters in a short form. They also direct the customer to our website, where they can learn more about our company and mission. Ask for your hangtags when you place your orders.

3. Giving Dixie Outfitters literature. We currently have a tri-fold brochure that promotes Dixie Outfitters and Southern Heritage. This brochure is free and should be given to any customer who buys or who is considering buying Dixie Outfitters Products.


We will keep you informed of new developments regarding Dixie Outfitters as they occur and we plan to educate you on a regular basis concerning the struggle to preserve our Southern Heritage. We encourage you to make yourself aware of Southern Heritage issues and current events. A good source is the Southern Heritage News and Views e-newsletter. You can subscribe to this newsletter and receive it free by sending a blank email to :

Wholesaler web section

Our “wholesaler” section of our website gives you more information and updates from Dixie Outfitters. You can now log in by clicking on “dealer log in” on our home page. Check it often, as there will be frequent updates.

Best Regards,
Dewey W. Barber