Commentary by Steve Scroggins

It’s come to my attention that certain people, especially some ladies of the Georgia UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy), have been pressuring Mr. Rawls, the director of the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, to remove the REAL Georgia flag from display at the MOC and to replace it with the Perdue Counterfeit Georgia flag.

The Museum displays the State flags of all the Southern states. It is most appropriate that the MOC display the TRUE State flag of Georgia, the flag that represents the best of Georgia (honor, fidelity, truth, courage, duty, Christian character and more) and all her people past and present by honoring the soldiers who suffered and sacrificed to defend their homes, families and their rights as articulated in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

It would be an injustice to Georgia and to all the Sons and Daughters of the South to remove the REAL Georgia flag in favor of the illegitimate Perdue Counterfeit flag, a flag that represents corruption, a flag that represents deception, demagoguery, defiance and betrayal.

My instinct is that Mr. Rawls and the leaders at the MOC are aware of the betrayal and defiance of certain Georgia governors and legislators, and thus they are aware that the Perdue Counterfeit flag is not a reflection of the character or popular will of the People of Georgia. I believe they are aware of the fact that most Georgians favor a return to official status of the true State flag.

But as the saying goes, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Accordingly, the purpose in writing this commentary is to request all Georgians to speak up and confirm our overwhelming loyalty to and preference for the REAL Georgia State flag, the 1956 flag of honor. Below is the letter that I’ll be sending to Mr. Rawls. I urge each of you to write Mr. Rawls by snail-mail and by email to express the popular support in Georgia for the REAL State flag and to respectfully encourage Mr. Rawls and the MOC to continue to display the ’56 flag, resisting the appeals of the few politically correct and politically compromised citizens of Georgia who favor the imposter flag currently flying over Georgia’s capitol.

The fine people at the MOC are carrying out The Charge (Gen. Stephen D. Lee’s Charge to the SCV) every day by preserving and presenting the True history of the South to future generations. Accordingly, our correspondence with Mr. Rawls should be direct, courteous and respectful to be worthy of our Southern forebears. Please consider offering the MOC whatever support you may be capable of rendering to their worthy efforts and make plans to visit the Museum should the opportunity present itself. Peruse their website at

Following my letter below are some points of fact (and opinion) listed for your convenience which may be relevant to formulating your thoughts and correspondence.

You may contact Mr. Rawls at the following address:
Mr. Waite Rawls, Executive Director
1201 East Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Email Mr. Rawls at:

Mr. Waite Rawls, Executive Director
1201 East Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23219


This letter is to express appreciation for the efforts of the Museum of the Confederacy to preserve the True history of the South and its Cause for independence.

I understand that the MOC has a permanent display of State flags for all the Southern states and further that the flag which represents Georgia in the MOC is the REAL Georgia flag, the 1956 Georgia flag.

If I’m mistaken, please advise and please consider the following an urgent appeal to display the proper State flag for Georgia to represent the true character and heritage of her people.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the true flag of Georgia was kidnapped by political chicanery and that the most significant politicians associated with that kidnapping were ejected from office in November of 2002 in what can fairly be called "a statewide mandate for a Fair Vote on the State flag of Georgia."

Unfortunately, the current Governor succumbed to similar corruptive influences of vocal special interests, bigoted racial demagogues and corporate interests who value money over principle. He defied the will of Georgians to have a Fair Vote (as expressed in the 2002 statewide mandate) and instead insulted us with a rigged hoax referendum that did not include the obvious leading contender and most popular flag, the 1956 flag.

Until our flag is returned to its rightful place as the official State flag atop the capitol dome (not to mention schools and public buildings across the State), there are many Georgians who will work relentlessly to defeat the corrupt politicians, secure a Fair Vote and enforce the popular sovereignty of the People.

As evidence of popular support, I mention that the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (one of the larger divisions of SCV) has endorsed the 1956 Georgia flag as its official State flag.

Please, sir, do not allow anyone to convince you that the 2003 Counterfeit flag of Georgia has any broad support across our State. In March of 2004, when the aforementioned insult and "rigged hoax referendum" was held, only 15% of Georgia’s registered voters (less than 9% of her citizens) voted for the 2003 Flag, and those votes could be fairly characterized as primarily votes AGAINST the 2001 Barnes flag, AKA the ‘ugliest flag in North America.’ Fully 80% of Georgia’s registered voters declined to participate in the choiceless rigged hoax referendum, showing clearly that the 2003 Counterfeit flag is NOT the people’s choice in Georgia.

With respect for your time, I’ll close wishing you a safe and joyous Christmas, and a blessed New Year for you, your loved ones and your fine organization.

Yours sincerely and respectfully in the Cause,

Steve Scroggins
Adjutant, SCV Camp 1399
Warner Robins, Georgia


The following recap and the links below are provided as a primer and reminder of why Georgians must stand up for the 1956 State flag at every opportunity.

The 1956 Georgia State flag was created, designed and adopted to honor the soldiers who risked everything they had to defend their homes, their rights and those of their fellow Southerners.

The only organized opposition to the State flag change in 1956 was from the Georgia UDC. Presumably they preferred to keep the pre-56 Georgia flag due to its resemblence to their UDC logo and its resemblence to the provisional First National flag of the Confederacy. But as was pointed out, the Cross of St. Andrew—the Confederate Battle Flag— was and is THE most recognizable symbol of the South. It is the soldier’s flag. It was an appropriate tribute to Georgia veterans on the eve of the Centennial commemorations under preparation at that time.

The 1956 Georgia flag flew over the most significant progress in civil rights and the most prosperous period of growth in the State. Those who claim there was some racial malice or defiant statement expressed in the adoption of the 1956 Georgia flag are perpetuating a willful lie.

Beginning a concerted campaign in the late 1980’s, the demagogues and race-baiters heaped lie upon lie on all Confederate flags containing the St. Andrew’s Cross, including the REAL Georgia State flag. They asserted that racial malice was the dominant motive for adopting the 1956 Georgia flag despite the fact that they have no credible evidence to support this unconscionable and reprehensible distortion of the truth.

In 2001, a Governor who assured the people of Georgia (before and after his election in 2000) that a flag change was nowhere on his agenda, plotted in secret for over a year and then blitzed the flag change through the legislature using bribery, intimidation and threats to force his will on the people of Georgia without any public input or debate. Essentially, one-term Governor Barnes knew that a flag change could only be accomplished by stealth, deception and coercion and by defying the will of a majority Georgia voters.

The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans overwhelmingly endorsed the 1956 Georgia flag as "the Official Georgia State flag of the SCV." Georgia’s SCV members believed the 2001 politician flag to be as illegitimate as it was ugly. For some bizzare reason, the Georgia UDC displayed the ugly 2001 flag of corruption and lies at their meetings and events, much to the consternation of numerous loyal Southerners in the UDC, the SCV and other heritage organizations.

Governor Barnes was defeated in 2002 despite his campaign warchest (ill-gotten payoffs) exceeding $20 million that political pundits said made him "politically invincible." They and Gov. Barnes learned that its Votes that win elections, not money, and that Georgia voters will not sell out their principles.

Candidate Sonny Perdue leveraged the State flag issue throughout his campaign. He criticized the actions of Gov. Barnes and stated unequivocally that he would allow the people of Georgia to vote on their state flag. At that point, everyone knew that the the 2001 Barnes flag (voted ‘the Ugliest flag in North America’) was wildly UNpopular and would presumably lose in a landslide to the popular 1956 flag which flew for 45 years. At that point it was clear beyond question that the promised vote meant a contest between the then-current ugly blue flag and the 1956 flag.

Gov. Perdue introduced legislation in early 2003 which would authorize a three-way contest between the then-current 2001 blue flag, the stolen 1956 flag, and the pre-56 flag. The inclusion of the pre-56 flag was a surprise and a foreshadowing of trouble to come, nevertheless, most Georgians were confident that the 1956 Georgia flag would win convincingly in a Fair Vote.

The statewide referendum as proposed passed in the Democratic House, despite opposition by the usual demagogues and heritage-haters. The Republican Senate had merely to pass the same bill and the Governor would presumably sign his own legislation. This is when the wheeling and dealing became apparent, though some suspect it was going on from the beginning.

A new flag came out of nowhere and the flag bill (HB380) was gutted and modified to cram a new backroom deal flag down the throats of Georgians. This is the Perdue Counterfeit flag that was designed to divide and confuse Georgians who were familiar with historic flags. Because of its resemblance to the Confederate First National, some liked it, especially in comparison to the ugly blue rag.

The outrage, however, came from the fact that the leading contender was removed from the referendum. The 1956 REAL Georgia flag was discarded, leaving only two politician’s flags as what they called a "choice." The vast majority of Georgians viewed this as an INSULT, not a "choice." Only 9% of Georgia voters voted in the bogus, hoax referendum held in March of 2004 showing clearly that neither flag on the ballot was the people’s choice. Another backroom deal flag had been crammed down the throats of Georgians.

If you know UDC members, ask them in a cordial and respectful manner whether they prefer the REAL Georgia flag or the imposter Counterfeit flag currently flying over the State capitol. For those who prefer the 1956 flag, ask them why the Georgia UDC advocates recognition of an imposter flag. Encourage them to challenge the "politically correct" and politically compromised betrayal represented by Perdue’s Imposter flag.

As defined in the State law that defines the State flag, the 13 stars on the flag represent the original 13 colonies which became the first 13 States in the united States. Put another way, the stars on the imposter Georgia State flag represent eight yankee States. The Confederate First National had seven stars representing the first seven States to secede from the united States and resume their full sovereignty.

Conversely, the 1956 Georgia flag shows 13 stars representing the 13 States which had representatives seated in the Confederate Congress—even those that were invaded and prevented from formal secession by force. On that flag, Georgia is represented by the center star as Georgia was the fourth State to secede from the union and counting from any direction, the center star is the fourth star.

Character is more important than appearance. The REAL Georgia flag is both beautiful to the eye, and true to the character of Georgia. It represents the righteous Cause of Liberty and the principle of "the consent of the governed." It represents a willingness to risk everything in defense of Right and willingness to stand up and fight against overwhelming force and odds in defense of one’s beliefs. As Thomas Jefferson said, "resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." The Christian origins of the Cross of St. Andrew need no further embellishment.

Conversely, the 2003 Counterfeit flag is an affront to the moral character of Georgians. It represents deception and corruption. It represents defiance to the will of the people as expressed in the statewide mandate for a FAIR VOTE on the State flag that was tallied November 5, 2002. It represents a manipulative and morally bankrupt collection of conniving thieves who would sell out the People’s honorable heritage for the temporary and transient advancement of their political and financial agenda.

Though it may be appealing to the eye—relative to the ugly blue flag—the appearance of the 2003 Counterfeit flag is but a thin outer shell that cannot conceal the reeking smell of corruption and lack of moral character that is its essence.

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