Mr Ritter:

You are a product of a society which has lied to you at every turn in its history. The revisionists have done their work well, as I do not believe you to be a stupid man nor a man of unscrupulous means. You do possess, however, more ignorance than 10 pick-up truck-loads of so-called "Alabama rednecks."

I will not go into an "in-depth" history lesson with you, for frankly, you are much like the rest of this nation’s "sheep-ple." You believe anything the media espouses and you have bought into and swallowed every drop of this "politically-correct" diatribe our illustrious politicians have spoon fed you. Good boy. You are now a good little Amerikan and we are bad ones because we will not swallow their tyranny any longer.

The Confederate Army, sir, was the last army on this continent to defend what was going to be the destruction of the "republic," by the continual usurping of Constitutional authority by the Washington D.C. ( District of Corruption) government, ie: the "Yankees." When the writing on Lincoln’s wall spelled "socialism," the south departed and fought for her independence from this tyrannical government. The south had every constitutitonal right ( remember the constitution Michael?) to secede. Slavery was a moot issue since most of the blacks on plantations were "slaves" by title only. Most could have left, but had their own land to work as well as the plantation’s, thus chose to stay.

Your illustrious government does not tell you that there were just as many slaves in the north and the racial attitudes perhaps worse. You don’t want to hear that do you? The United States government in its entirety advocated slavery. Only when Lincoln saw a political means by which he could preserve his own skin and by which he could remain in the Presidency did he turn toward the great "Emancipation Proclamation" which did not do anything but fire up the Yankee troops and secure his election. He even stated that he did not care about the blacks. If releasing the blacks would "preserve his Union" ( ie: save his political career) then it would be expedient to do so. Lincoln was a tyrant of the highest order, and a staunch socialist. If you want to throw rocks at a racist symbol, try the good ole American flag, Michael.

By the way Michael, I am a half breed Blackfoot Indian. Do not throw your accusatory racist remarks my way. It was your good ole Blue Coat Army of the red, white and blue that nearly irradicated from the face of this earth, the native peoples of this nation, especially those of the plains. They butchered hundreds of thousands of native woman and children. Yes,the Yankees, sir. While they were busy "freeing" the black man, raping, pillaging and plundering the south, they committed mass genocide against the red man. That’s a contradiction of politics and a so-called , wouldn’t you say, sir? Go do your homework Michael, and stop believing the crap this government public school system feeds its sheep. You appear more intelligent than that.

Vietnam Era Veteran
Georgia Peace officer