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Date: Sat, Apr 6, 2013

Please find attached an EXCELLENT letter written by Mrs. Susan Hathaway of Sandston, VA. (suburb of Richmond). Recently, Susan was a guest in our home for several days while in Alabama for a speaking engagement in Tallassee, Alabama. I took Susan and another friend from Mt. Zion, GA on a tour of Selma.  On Saturday, we toured Sturdivant Hall, The Smitherman Building Museum, Live Oak Cemetery, The Harmony Club and I conducted a windshield tour of the Historic District plus I took her to the site of the Confederate Naval Ordnance & Ironworks; we treated them to supper at the Tally Ho where they really enjoyed the food, service & atmosphere. On Sunday afternoon. we toured Old Cahawba. On Monday we toured the Alabama State Capitol where she was MOST impressed with our Confederate Monument and the fact that ALL four corners were adorned with the flags of the Confederacy!  We also toured the First While House of the Confederacy and Oakwood Cemetery…then on to Marbury to tour Confederate Memorial Park, where she was just totally overwhelmed by the splendid conservation of this site, the museum and the library.  After the tour of Confederate Memorial Park, we then took her to her speaking engagement where she addressed a large membership of the Tallassee Armory Guards SCV Camp 1921.  We certainly tried to give her the condensed version of the  FULL ALABAMA EXPERIENCE in the short time that she was our guest. Yes, there is a lot to see in Selma ONLY if you KNOW WHERE to find it because as Susan says, Selma obviously does not have the vision or see the need to develop our history to draw tourists here!
Susan & I have been friends for about two years when she joined the Virginia Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy. Susan is a tremendous asset to the UDC in fulfilling our statement of purpose of educating succeeding generations of the TRUTH of our noble Southern history regarding the War of Northern Aggression.
Susan wrote the attached letter after returning to Virginia. She mailed it to Mayor George Evans, each member of the City Council, the Selma Times Journal, the Montgomery Advertiser where it has already been published but was EDITED!!!  I am sending you her letter so that you might read it in its entirety in the event that you have not already seen it on the Internet, because it has "gone viral"!!!  With Susan’s permission of course, I have mailed hard copies of her letter to the Directors/Officers of the Chamber of Commerce, the individual members of the Selma Historic Building Commission, Probate Judge Kim Ballard and various other persons whom I think should read her letter in its entirety because the "norm" of the "Opinion" pages of newspapers tend to edit OUR "opinions" and turn the original writing into what THEY think should be written!  The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution working for THE PEOPLE!
Susan’s letter is outstanding and says a LOT in a few words.  Being from the Richmond, Virginia area, Susan is surrounded by a plethora of history beginning with the  very SETTLING of this country and has a deep appreciation for the Founding Fathers and our Confederate ancestors in establishing the U.S. Constitution and the attempt to maintain that rare document, that Mr. Lincoln "rolled up and put on a shelf". Susan is very well educated and currently has a daughter and a son attending a private Christian college in Virginia. Susan has dedicated her life to the education of the masses in the TRUTH about our Southern history, heritage and culture.
I hope you appreciate her letter as much as I do.
Confederately yours,
Pat Godwin
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Susan Hathaway’s Letter To Mayor Evans and City Council – March 2013  (Link is to a file in PDF format)