Letter to Maryland Color SCV
From: siegels1@mindspring.com
Below is a letter I wrote to Maryland Color SCV Colour Guard that is planning to participate in the Museum of the Confederacy Grand Opening Saturday.  If you agree, perhaps you will express your concerns as well.
The contact I obtained from the Maryland SCV web site is MrGnAPHill@aol.com
Lunelle Siegel
I have been following the controversy at the Museum of the Confederacy’s decision not to honor Confederate Veterans by flying our beloved Southern Cross on the new museum grounds at Appomattox.
I recently was made aware that your prestigious Colour Guard had been invited to attend the Grand Opening Ceremonies.



Sir, I beseech you to reconsider your attendance.  In my opinion your participation will be to the detriment of the CHARGE of Steven Dill Lee, to vindicate the good name of the Confederate Veteran, and set back years the progress made recently by the thousands of men in the SCV fighting daily for the Charge.
I believe your group is falling prey to the politically correctness that seems to be engulfing our beloved Museum with Mr. Rawls at the helm and simply be a pawn in this endeavour.
The image of a black union company escorting Gen. Grant juxtaposed to your unit escorting Lee will continue to play into the liberal media’s hands of the myth of the cause of the War.
I can simply imagine the thrill of being asked to participate, but this media image will perpetuate the lie that the Confederate Soldier, instead of simply fighting a defensive war against a merciless, unprincipled Northern Aggressor, was in fact "fighting to continue slavery".
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I beg you to reconsider!
Although my sex prevents me from being a members of the SCV, I am a stalwart supporter and a ‘friend’ of my local camp, whose Commander I am cci’ng on this email, as well as Cmdr. Givens.
Lunelle M. Siegel
Founding Rebmaster
Founding “Early Report Editor”
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp
Sons of Confederate Veterans