Letter sent to Keith Olbermann at MSNBC!

From: Davis Mauldin

Letter sent to Keith Olbermann at MSNBC!


Jason Huskey took the time to reply to Kieth Olbermann at MSNBC’s attack on our ancestors. Thanks to you Jason.

Davis Mauldin


I wanted to share this letter with you all that I sent to Keith Olbermann at MSNBC yesterday after seeing a clip of his show. If you know anything about his show, he has a "Worst in the World" segment on every episode. His "Worst in the World" part the other day was about the legislator in Florida who sponsored the SCV tag. He went on to ask what exactly is the part of our heritage that we are celebrating? Is it the fact that we were pro slavery? Or the fact that we were traitors against the ‘lawful" government of the United States? And he also implied that we were the reason for over 600,000 dead soldiers.

Here is my letter to Keith:

First off, Keith Olbermann really needs some education on the 1860’s period. And I’m referring to the insensitive, ignorant remark he made about the Confederate flag not too long ago. Before he calls my ancestors traitors and racist slave owners he needs to understand that they were neither. Ninety percent of soldiers in the Confederate army didn’t own slaves! Google it! However, General Grant, commanding General of the US army, did until 1865 when the thirteenth amendment was ratified and he had to do so by law. Also, there were many thousands of union soldiers that owned slaves. The commanding General of the other side, Robert E. Lee, released the slaves he had inherited from his father-in-law years before Grant, even before the Emancipation Proclamation. General Grant had this to say at the outbreak of the war: "If I thought this war was to abolish slavery, I would resign my commission and offer my sword to the other side." So get off your righteous, high horse about the great emancipators myth, Keith. It was a political tool that wasn’t even implemented until two years into the war. And the EP didn’t even free the slaves in the Northern states. Also before you call my ancestors traitors, you need to understand that secession was always viewed as a legal option until Lincoln. Read Thomas Jefferson’s first Inaugural Address. He makes it clear to all states that if they ever grow unhappy with the union they are free to leave with his blessing. He also mentions that the States created the Union, not the other way around. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and numerous other founding fathers always spoke of State sovereignty. Also, I noticed on one of your other shows that you mentioned presidents that had violated the Constitution and you conveniently left Lincoln off your list. You talked about how they suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Lincoln did that. You talked about declaring illegal, unconstitutional wars. Lincoln did that, because it states in the Constitution that no states can invade another state. Among the many thousands of Northerners he had unlawfully imprisoned for simply not agreeing with his policies and war, he had a warrant of arrest issued for Chief Justice Taney for simply questioning the obvious unconstitutionality of Lincoln suspending The Writ of Habeas Corpus. Chief Justice Taney also stated that the war Lincoln was carrying out was unconstitutional since the right of secession had always been inherent to the state which further infuriated Lincoln. And treason is defined by Webster’s as "Trying to overthrow the government of your allegiance". That didn’t happen. The Southern states legally and voluntarily seceded just exactly the way they had joined and then formed their own government, by state legislation. General Robert E. Lee and President Jefferson Davis both said "All we want is to be left alone". I’m not even going to get into the unspeakable war crimes that were committed against thousands of civilians all over the South, including my family in Georgia. War crimes that were ordered by Secretary of War Stanton that Sherman and many other beloved Union officers gleefully carried out mercilessly and then went out west after the war and carried out these same barbaric criminalities on the Native Americans. Killing women, children and elderly people just didn’t concern those Union generals. Don’t believe me, please do your own research, but only if you really are interested in the truth. If you’re not, then just keep spoon feeding yourself the same propaganda that is taught to children in our public school system. If the Southern states were only out to preserve slavery, then they could have just stayed in the Union. It was forever protected by the Constitution. Lincoln frequently said his "paramount struggle is to preserve the union and if that meant keeping slavery then so be it". Also research his letters and see how he felt about equality of the races (not enlightened at all, even for that day and age). The main concern of his was keeping the Morrill Tariff in place and, for Lincoln, it was worth going to war and losing over 600,000 Americans. Why don’t you read Judge Andrew Napolitano’s book "Constitution in Exile". It will be very informative to you.

One last thing Keith, not only have you lost a viewer, but you probably lost a lot of viewers like me. My family has been in this country for more than a hundred years before our Secession from Great Britain in 1776. We have fought in every major war since then. I, myself, am a United States Marine Corps veteran. And if you had said those things in front of my face I assure you that you would have immediately regretted those remarks! I don’t take too kindly to myself or my patriotic family being labeled traitors! Especially from someone like you who sits back in his ivory tower spewing out words like traitor pretending to be a patriot but conveniently never donning the uniform.

Jason C. Huskey
Corporal, United States Marine Corps