My letter to Hal Lindsey



I sent a letter to Hal Lindsey because of these statements he made —

“Now imagine that you had been educated your entire life by Ku Klux Klansmen. All you ever knew were Klansmen, and all you were ever taught through your entire educational experience was KKK ideology.

Then one day, somebody tells you to ignore (not forget) everything you ever learned about racism and embrace the goals of the NAACP.

I chose that example because it is approximately the education experience of a typical white Southerner of late 19th and early 20th century America”

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I notice there are no diggs to this article I am wondering if he has received any emails other than the one I sent him? Since there are no diggs I signed up for an account and intend to post the letter as a dig as soon as the account is activated, that is if the site will let me.

No wonder these folks are able remove all symbols of our heritage and write offensive insulting remarks about us and our ancestors when only one or two people object to their trash. Lindsey’s entire article and my letter is posted to the SHAPE website if anyone cares to read it.

George Purvis (SHAPE)


Educated in the ideology of the KKK??? What a crock. For the most part the Southern people of the late 19th and 20th century were still trying to put their lives back together after the War For Southern Independence and live under the controls of an occupational army and the burden of reconstruction. A good many were just too poor to go to school. What about the blacks who were educated in the South? Everyone used the same school books. That being said, I’ll call your bluff, I don’t believe it Give me just one example where KKK ideology was taught in schools in the South. My grandparents both were born in the early 1900s I never heard them speak of such teachings. In fact I have never heard anyone make any reference to being taught the ideology of any group, like me they all studied the basics reading writing and arithmetic. We did get a good dose of TRUE history is that what you are referring to?

Why do you single out Southerners? Do you actually know any? Here in the South we are more exposed to blacks than any other section of the country. As kids we played with black children well before integration was forced upon the land at the point of a bayonet. My grandfather also relates the same story. Are you implying that only white Southerners can be racist and racism has been erased in the North?

Tell me just why you think I should embrace the teaching of the NAACP or why I should teach their doctrine to my children. Their very name is racial, their actions are directed at one ethnic group of people and their speech is hate filled. The goal of the NAACP is to tear down and eliminate the heritage of the Southern man while promoting their own biased agenda, and they indoctrinate their young into this doctrine. Their actions have proven this.

You mention Obama as a presidential candidate. Isn’t it amazing that he got his start in the political arena because a black voting district had been carved out for him? What if Obama was actually racist? According to what information I have found on his church seems like he has been well indoctrinated in racism. Go here and read for yourself

While I understand that you were attempting to illustrate the difficulties of Palestinian-Israeli reconciliation, I am personally offended by the extremely poor example you chose to use to make your point. It is not only extremely offensive but factually wrong. If you know so little of the history of your own country, how do you expect your remarks about other countries and cultures to have any credibility? I find such off-hand ignorance very disturbing for a man of your stature. It serves no purpose other than to render your article juvenile and inane.

I have taken the time to actually post your article and my reply to a group website I belong to. It will become a matter of historical reference now. I have no intention of having my reply to such an asinine statement be deleted.

George Purvis
Gulfport, Mississippi