Letter to Gov Pat McCrory
From: rebeleye@aol.com
Dear Governor McCrory:
As a retired veteran from Lincolnton, NC, I am appalled by your administration’s decision to remove the historic flag display from North Carolina’s Old Capitol Museum. 
Your roots may be in Ohio, but mine is firmly planted in Tarheel soil since the 1700’s and your acquiescence to individuals whose limited knowledge of history is egregious.  I do not know what you expect to gain from kowtowing to such individuals, but I think you have greatly diminished your standing among your loyal supporters and voters. 
Our history is a shared history and we must be tolerant of the history of all North Carolinians.  Your actions have affirmed those who would obliterate all vestiges of that history so that they may not, heaven forbid, be "offended."  It always amazes me that those who shout "celebrate diversity" and whose mantra is “tolerance”, can be so intolerant and bigoted.
It is a sad day in North Carolina, a loss to our students, and very disrespectful to our veterans–both past and present.
I am very disappointed with your support of historical censorship and "political correctness".
Sincerely, with much disgust,
Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Major, USAF, Retired