My Letter of Support to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford
Dear Governor Sanford,
Please do NOT resign your office.  We, the citizens of South Carolina, elected you because we wanted GOOD GOVERNMENT.  And while we are sorely disappointed by your admitted moral lapse, we who love liberty here have never been disappointed by the principled stand you have taken and the courage you have shown in faithfully executing the duties of your office.
Who but you would stand up to the bullying and threats of the NAACP?  What governor but you has stood up for his State and its citizens by opposing the federal government’s unceasing encroachment on our sacred rights?  (I was proud to stand behind you when at an Upcountry DMV office you signed into law S.449, the most succinct and definitive anti-REAL ID legislation in the country.  And your subsequent March, 2008 letter to DHS Sec. Chertoff was a masterful example of your true statesmanship.)  Who but you would combat our legislature’s pork-barrel profligacy by hauling a couple of piglets into the Statehouse?
Let’s be honest.  The politicians now calling for your removal from office – especially those who call themselves your friends – are for the most part just opportunistic hypocrites.   "We can’t get anything done with Gov. Sanford so discredited and so distracted", they say.   Well, I personally can’t think of anything worse for South Carolina than that your political enemies would succeed in "getting done" what they want to do.
I know I speak for millions of South Carolinians when I say that I am still proud to have you as my governor.
My prayers are with you and your family, Sir.
Please stand firm, and do not resign your office.
Patrick Tyndall
Former US Senate Candidate (Constitution Party)
Simpsonville, South Carolina