My letter to Glenn Beck
Mr. Beck
I am a fan of your show but I would like to take a moment to say that your show needs to learn the facts before spouting out garbage on national television.

There is nothing in the Confederate Constitution about slave owning states not being able to join the Confederate States. The lie of slavery was to justify the war because the north also had slaves. Maybe you should look at some of the tax codes against the southern states vs. the northern states and read some old newspapers leading up to the war. If you will look at the dates of the Emancipation Proclamation it should tell you that Lincoln did not free the slaves until Jan 1st 1863 because the northern army needed the troops. Slavery was a dying institution world wide anyways before the war.  I don’t know about you but if I were to go to war I would have a reason and not come up with some crap 3 years after the war had started. If you want to believe the greatest lie then keep believing it because it is your loss. When the south lost their states rights and were carpet bagged after the civil war and put in the poor house for 120 years by the Federal Government no one give a damn in the rest of the U.S.. Now that the whole U.S. is being carpet bagged Wall Street, money manipulation by the Federal Reserve, and taxed to death by the Federal Government you are seeing what the people in the south have seen for years. Lincoln’s Government got it’s way and has every U.S. dollar being filtered through New York and Washington. Then, if you do save your money the government can keep printing and steal it anyways. So when the south lost it’s cause and states rights so did you and every one else in the U.S. which leads us to where we are today in America. Now everyone wants to be "American" and wants everyone to stick together but no one knows what being American means. All being American means is following the U.S. Constitution, nothing more and nothing less. Your Abe Lincoln did away with that in 1860. After I have read some of the documents and diaries from some of the people of the south after the Civil War and watching how people up North still treat people from the south you can take your Government spoon fed history and shove it up your ***. We are doing just fine here now with a better industrial base than the rest of the U.S. due to international money so you want me to give a damn now. HELL NO.
William S. Price