Letter to Charlotte Govt Elmwood Cemetery

From: _cpprhd2003@clicksouth.net_ (mailto:cpprhd2003@clicksouth.net)

Here is a copy of what I sent to all the Kouncil critters in Charlotte
concerning Elmwood Cemetery.—————–

To: Charlotte Government Supremacists
From: David MacInnes
Fountain Inn, S.C.

As a northern born outsider, I am shocked and dismayed at the way you are
desecrating the Confederate Memorial in Elmwood Cemetery.

I visited the memorial plot for the first time on Friday Jan. 21, 2005. I read the plaque which stated the SCV Ross Camp maintains this majestic plot, at no cost to the city, right? I talked with an SCV gentleman who was there and he told me the flag has flown here for decades, and that some of the people in the apartments were complaining. It seems to me the flag and the honorable dead were there first, before the apartments even existed. Anyone moving in should see if the neighborhood is agreeable before they move in.

Then I hear about how the city has circumvented due process and removed the flag and ropes. This does not leave a good perception with outsiders like myself.

Charlotte has perception problems, but it’s not because of a flag flying over the graves of honorable, brave men who died for their country and their cause. But maybe it’s the memory of their honor which you wish to erase. Because, they are more honorable than you.

Visitors come to Elmwood for historical reasons. They want to see a historical flag flying over a well maintained historical memorial. But I think you know that already.

With this flag issue, you are trying to appease the same elements which are blocking discipline and learning in your government schools. Or maybe you want the flag to be an issue as a diversion from your failure to solve real problems? Right?

Coming up with some kind of anti-First Amendment "flag policy" is not acceptable, either. It all points to government tyranny and control, which weakens our liberties and stifles freedom. And that is what the opponents of the flag are working for. The suppression of liberty.

If you do not allow the flag to fly in Elmwood, with police protection, you are not worthy of your positions and need to be voted out of office.

As a frequent business visitor, I plan on not spending any more money in Charlotte. I will buy my meals, lodging, car rentals, gas, etc. elsewhere. I have spend 10’s of thousands in Charlotte over the past years, but no more. I also will spread the word to business associates and contacts about the way Charlotte city government treats its dead with dishonor.

Now do the right thing, and leave the flag flying, with police protection. And don’t allow your city government to be subject to anti-First Amendment pressure.

Keep the Confederate flag flying in Elmwood.