Letter To Editor

From: henryruss@comcast.net

Folks, Here is the great response letter that Compatriot Richard Lee of SCV Kirby Smith Camp 1209 sent to Ms. Tonyaa Weathersbee, tonyaa.weathersbee@Jacksonville.com concerning her very biased and negative attack on Jacksonville Council Member, Ms. Glorious Johnson. Richard Lee is absolutely correct; our Jacksonville Council member, Ms. Glorious Johnson, a black lady who loves her southern black ancestral roots and also understand and respects our white southern heritage which includes all things ‘Confederate.’ Glorious Johnson embraces all people and ‘gets it.’ Ms Johnson attended our most recent Confederate Memorial Day service which was held in Jacksonville, Fl at the Old City Cemetery and participated in singing, "Dixie." This act has drawn the most outrageous attack from Ms Tonyaa Weathersbee, Jacksonville Times Union newspaper staff writer. Ms Weathersbee, a black woman has nothing better to do than to attack Ms Glorious Johnson, another black woman and a city councilwoman at that!

Tonyaa Weathersbee is a very dangerous individual; for she as a writer has an open forum and soap box to scream vile and foul lies and racist remarks concerning our Confederate Battle flag. We need to continue to return ‘fire’ back to Tonyaa Weathersbee. In this game, it is fair for ‘Keyboard Commandos’ to ‘pile on.’ Please send her a message! It would appear that Ms Weathersbee, who was recently promoted to the Editorial Staff Board of the Jacksonville Times Union understands that she like other race baiters such as Rev Al Sharpton, Rev Jessie Jackson and Rev Jeremiah Wright must continue to incite Blacks against Whites in order to maintain their agenda and power base.

We should also let Ms Glorious Johnson (GloriousJ@coj.net) (904-630-1387) know that we appreciate her and her efforts to ensure that we are able to continue to honor our confederate ancestors and our southern heritage. We should let Ms Johnson know that we will continue to support her in her future political endeavors.

Deo Vindice.


May 14, 2008

Re; Tonya Weathersbee article in the Monday May12, 2008 Jacksonville, FL Times Union, titled “Many irrelevant comments greeted column on “Dixie”.

Dear Editor,

I was dismayed to read that Ms. Weathersbee finds support for a Confederate Memorial Day to be dishonoring the memory of those blacks who suffered under the yoke of slavery. In my mind the two are not mutually exclusive.

There is no denying the horrors of slavery. The suffering of slaves is probably worst than we know, because records were either not kept or destroyed. Slavery’s effect on today’s black community cannot be denied. I can tell that Ms. Weatherbee considers all black ancestors that suffered and died because of slavery to be worthy of a patriot status. Every year, the month of February is dedicated to remembering their sacrifice.

Confederate Memorial day affords the descendants of the southern soldier the opportunity to celebrate their ancestors suffering and sacrifice as well. My ggg grandfather, Hugh Lee, enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1862. He left his wife and their six children, all under the age of 10, to fight for a cause he believed in. Before surrendering to Grant, concluding the Battle of Vicksburg, MS in July of 1863, the Confederate defenders, including my ggg grandfather, had been under seize for 47 days surviving on rain water, rats and mule meat. By September of 1865, at the age of 40, Hugh was dead because of disease and wounds suffered at Vicksburg, MS. Throughout Hugh Lee’s army experience, the Confederate battle flag was his rallying symbol. It was the southern soldier that was suffering and dying while the Stars and Bars flew during the Civil war.

Whether we are southern black or southern white, we are all Americans that want to acknowledge our ancestors and their contributions to our country. Confederate Memorial Day is a way for me to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice that my ggg grandfather made during the Civil War. One day out of the year I can gather with like minded people to celebrate the sacrifice and life, of the Southern soldier. I believe my family suffered more than most because of the Civil War. But, I am filled with pride when I see the Stars and Bars flying over the Memorial Day celebration because I know that this is the same banner that my ggg grandfather fought, bled and died for. I believe he would want to be honored this way. Yes, I experience hurt at the thought of my ggg grandfather suffering and dying, but this one day a year celebration is an outlet for me to deal with my families generational pain.

Glorious Johnson understands Southern history. She has no desire to deny the memory and symbols of my Confederate ancestors. She has no desire to deny the memory and symbols of her slave ancestors. Glorious understands she does not have to deny her heritage to acknowledge mine. Mutual acceptance of these past personal pains, not eradication of them, will lead to mutual understanding. Glorious gets it!!