Letter to the Editor – Tehachapi, California
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Please respond with input on this… The Chamber of Commerce is "Not" the villian, just caught in the middle, but an outpouring of positive messages could help swing their decision.
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Subject: Letter to the Editor
I am a Tehachapi resident and the current California Division Commander of the organization "Sons of Confederate Veterans". We are an international organization and a Federal 501C3 non-profit group.
We are comprised of male descendants of Confederate soldiers and sailors. We approximately 35,000 members strong nationwide with 13 local camps in California.
We are a fraternal, educational and historical organization formed in 1896 for the purpose of preserving the memory, heritage and good name of the Confederate soldier.
We welcome all races, creeds, and origins and welcome all who share our common bond.
Our local Camp has has participated in many local and area events for many years now, most frequently the Tehachapi Christmas parade. (6th year).
We have had our organizational logo on the town sign board on Tehachapi Blvd. for many years. We also have applauded the Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce for their and the Boy Scouts effort in recently replacing the old ugly sign board with the beautiful new structure.
Herein is our problem. Someone has complained and threatened the Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce about our logo sign being on the sign board with all the other fraternal organizations, because it incorporates the Confederate battle flag.
The Chamber, knowing it is our legal First Amendment right to be included, has removed all the organizational signs from the new sign board until this issue is resolved.
I realize the Chamber is caught in the middle between an uninformed complainer and what is legal and right, but the complainants shortsighted actions are creating a situation which is unfair to the Chamber, all the Fraternal Organizations in town and to my organization.
Anyone with questions of about the SCV or our part in this issue are welcome to attend our next meeting on February 6 at noon in the meeting room at Kelcy’s. 
Very Respectfully,
Kenneth E. Ramsey
Sons of Confederate Veterans
California Division Commander
Tehachapi Camp 2048 Past Commander