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To Whom It Concerns:

I just finished reading a ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Erica Ayala, Class of 2008. Something jumped out at me in one certain part of the letter. Her statement that why the Flag is only of a specific race and why she hasn’t seen a black southerner waving the flag. Please find attached a picture of H.K. Edgerton, who is a Black Southern Confederate! He has campaigned throughout the South on a crusade to show, especially those who write with emotion instead of fact, that there are black southerners who do wave the Flag and do support the cause of the Southern Movement.

Furthermore, in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Civil War re-enactment units across the nation, there are black southerners who are members of Camps and/or in Confederate re-enactment units. If Ms. Ayala had done her homework, she would have known that several thousand, some estimate upwards of over 100,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy. Further, she would have noted that in the Union Armies, they had segregated units, yet in the South, blacks, hispanics, American Indians, Asians and whites all fought side-by-side.

Even more, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free one slave. Maryland and Delaware, who were slave-holding states and part of the North, didn’t have the slaves freed until after the War. Those states in rebellion at the time of the Proclamation, were another nation entitled the Confederate States of American. Yet, those that proclaim Lincoln as the great Emancipator should review the facts of the matter. It was all political and economical. The slave issue was an issue used purely as a political maneuver and Lincoln himself (in the Douglas Debates) even stated that the blacks could never be on the same level as whites.

The War of Northern Aggression was just that. The North trying to impose its will on the Southern people. Please show me Ms. Ayala where in the Constitution does it state that ‘once you’re in, you’re in for good?’ Or better yet, the Declaration of Independence was a secession document. Let us not forget that the Constitution gives the federal government only a few expressed or implied powers and the rest (which include education, health care, housing, etc.) to the States (see Article 10).

I am tired of the Yankees standing there on ‘their grand stage’ stating facts that just aren’t there. I encourage all of your readers to do their own research and talk to both sides of the Southern Movement, then hopefully they will make their own decisions, instead of the academia making it for them.

Confederately yours,

Michael C. Robbe
CA Division Parliamentarian
Signals Officer/Heritage Officer
Camp 2007, SCV
‘American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God!’