Colonel, I read the copy of your letter to Chet McWhorter in Southern Heritage News & Views:
 Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, the War Between the States was quite divisive and the wounds are not completely healed and probably never will be and the true history of that War has neither not been told well or/nor understood by many Americans.
If you have not met anyone who has a "problem" with Lincoln you live in a rarefied atmosphere.  Many of us have a great "problem", to put it mildly, with Lincoln, and believe him to have ignored, trampled on and destroyed the United States Constitution.  I’m sure that a student like yourself knows that he had to be verbally restrained from placing the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court into jail without habeas corpus or a trial, something he did to thousands of northerners, including Ohioan Clement Vallandingham who he illegally deported to Canada without charges or habeas corpus, the cornerstone of our Constitution.
It is not my, nor any of my polite Southern brethren, purpose to be "divisive", we need all of the "inclusiveness" that we can get, but we are concerned that the truth of Lincoln and the war, it’s effects and lasting aftereffects, be told and understood.   I’m afraid that history has been written on the condescending aphorism "you lost, get over it".
It is readily available to anyone who is interested and will take the time and trouble to read it. For starters I would recommend "If the South Had Won the Civil War", a good light book by an historian from Indiana, MacKinlay Kantor, written back before the rhetoric heated up, then move on to Thomas DiLorenzo and others.
You are correct.  Our present wars are much more pressing and more important and I am more concerned about them now than ever but they do not occupy my entire time and I also have time to devote to the study of history in hopefully an intelligent, objective, and reasonable manner, as history should be studied, else we fail to learn from it and, as the fellow said, tend to repeat our mistakes.
Incidentally, is it your contention that Lincoln invaded the South and fought an illegal war "to free the slaves"?
Please take note of the Will Rogers quote below.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on….or by imbeciles who really mean it." Mark Twain
We live in a world where Stephen Hawking has not been awarded a Nobel prize and Al Gore has….is that an answer?
History has handed us the founding fathers’ worse nightmare: a hyper-articulate, hyper-charismatic man who has a low view of the constitutional limits of government.
"There is nothing which they (damnyankees) suppose tends to the destruction of the South which they are not prompt to embrace. The Earth contains no race so lost to every sentiment of manliness, honor, faith or humanity, at once so servile and so tyrannical, so mean and so cruel, such willing slaves, and so bent on destroying the independence and existence of their enemy."  Inside the Confederate Government, The Diary of Robert Garlick Hill Kean
Those who will not fight for the graves of their ancestors are beyond redemption.  Theodore Roosevelt
The real problem in America is not so much what people DON’T know but, rather, what they THINK they know that JUST AIN’T SO. Will Rogers
Yr. Obt. S’vnt,
Rick Boswell