Mr. Sebring,

I am writing you to ask that you rescind your discriminatory ban on the wearing of Southern historical symbols, specifically the Confederate battle flag. Are you going to ban wearing anything that has the cross, weather it be on a shirt or a neckless, because it "may offend" someone because it reminds them of stories about burning crosses? Are you going to ban the American flag, if one or two people out of 1800 find it offensive, because it had more to do with the slave trade than any other flag, including the battle flag? The real reason you did what you did is because you have no backbone. Can these TWO people PROVE that that flag has harmed them in any way? NO they can’t. And you know it. Can you ban something that "MAY BE OFFENSIVE"? How is that possible? How is that fair to everyone? It is not only wrong but it causes more controversy and divisiveness because you and THE TWO RACE BAITERS that complained have obviously no better things to do but to find ways to baby-sit the communist ideals of the left wing whacko’s and blame the emotional upheavals of the "permanently repressed"on any one who shows pride in a part Southern American history which you obviously know nothing about except for what you are being spoon fed through the media, the NAACP, and the public school system. None of these self aggrandizing organizations has ever or ever will have a fair and balanced presentation of American history. This is a racial issue because you and the professional "victims" made it one. Sure they would have gone on and made an issue of it if you had decided not to single out these kids and demonize them because they are proud of their South. So what. Are you afraid of being called a racist yourself? Is that why you infringed on the rights of so many of your students? Because you are too yellow to stand up to these un substantiated accusations that these people are harmed in any way, because you have fear from these people that will always resort to making you first feel guilty then accuse you of racism and then finally resort to threats of boycott and violence, because of your cowardly choice you have trampled on the liberties of a majority of your students just to appease and coddle TWO that are doing, in my opinion, no different than screaming fire in a crowded theater and finally because you have acted in complete disregard and disrespect for students that WANT TO SHOW PRIDE IN THE AMERICAN TRADITION OF SOVEREIGNTY AND SELF DETERMINATION (a sort of pride which I will bet the complaining students have never nor will ever come close to showing) I SAY YOU ARE NOT A MAN AND SHOULD HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME IN YOUR COMMUNITY AND YOUR SCHOOL. In addition your "rush to appear tolerant" only demonstrates your intolerance, has added fuel to the fire that the reparations gangsters are lighting across this country and will almost predictably cost you your job if the good citizens there have the power to remove you. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU!!!! Does it make you feel good all over to know that you have suppressed the rights of 150 or more kids so that TWO PROFESSIONALLY OFFENDED WHINERS could go on believing such false and divisive notions that that flag represents racism? That’s as sensible as putting band aids on bullet wounds. Maybe you and those TWO families should go to some sensitivity training classes. Or better yet maybe the state should force you to go to this thing called a LIBRARY and look up some truth about the War for Southern Independence, that racist Lincoln and the real roles the blacks had on BOTH sides in the war. May I suggest the Slave Narratives or the Official Records Of The War Of The Rebellion just to warm up? Then you could move on to Official Census Records of the years up to and through the war (that’s the thingy that counts people, you know)? Would that not be easier then causing such disruption in you school? Then there are countless books from experts that have another side of the conflict to tell, yeah the South was there too you know. There is another side other than the watered down and slanted Northern version. Please consider reading these books while on your dangerous journey through the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey says. Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s The real Lincoln, Charles Adams’ When In The Course Of Human Events. Would you take the initiative to do this on your own before you "pass judgment" on these brave kids? Nope. Did you make a fair attempt to speak to the TWO sets of allegedly "offended"parents in person to find out if their children were actually threatened or if it was just a personal vendetta from of one of the parents? Of course you didn’t. Who do you know that is claiming to be offended is a member of the racist NAACP. The NAACP has vowed to eliminate ALL flags, symbols, songs, street names, school mascots and school names, and true and correct history of the South’s bid for Independence in 1861. I’m sure you have heard of the Un American idiot that had the "under GOD" phrase in the pledge declared unconstitutional, citing that he was doing it to protect his daughter, that she was being forced to say it and it was actually causing her some imaginary harm. Well, if you have heard the other side of the story you would know that the little girl has denounced her fathers accusations and in fact goes to church, loves to say the pledge and does not even live with him. Does this even sink through your guilt syndrome multicultural mentality? How do you know in your situation there is any real actual physical or verbal threat, it could be insinuated by NAACP agitators if you have no proof of kids picking on kids? Have you looked back through your school records to see how many cases of this kind of offensive racism exist? Are you running a racist school down there? Have you banned clothing that says FUBU? How about burning any dictionary that has that new politically incorrect definition of the word "niggardly" ? that offended someone so bad that a teacher was nearly fired because it sounded like the n-word.What other cultures have you discriminated against? What other shirts are allowed? Violent wrestling? Satanic rock bands? American flags? I think you would get on all fours and howl at the moon if enough of these perpetual victims claimed that to NOT do so meant that you were intolerant, un diverse or insensitive. How do you know there is even any real feared threat, maybe their parents have been shoving lies down their kid’s throats that they learned from their indoctrination in the Yankee propaganda mills and scaring those kids into perceiving that there is racism associated with that flag no matter how and when it is showed and in what context?

Your pathetic attempt to unite your school the leftist way will turn simple differences into divisiveness and I hope this illogical, shoot from the hip decision can be overturned and put you on the first bus headed north, where you belong.

May GOD and those kids who you blaspheme forgive you of your ignorance. But mark my words sir GOD may forgive you for trying to dismantle Dixie but the Southern patriots will not.

Richard Uhlig
CSA Judgment Enforcement
Shallowater Texas