Letter to editor, Irish Times News Paper
From: billbrocker@yahoo.com
This letter, I trust, will not be taken as a mere "poison pen" rant; indeed, it is not meant as such nor is it my purpose. I am imposing upon your time in response to the article written by Ms. Lara Marlow, on the 16Th instant entitled "The Unrepentant South".  Sir, I can not, for the sake of it, understand how or why a fine and respected publication such as the Times publish this cheep sensationalistic fiction. Ms. Marlow spent five hours interviewing Michael Givens and Dr. Donald Livingston PhD and only used less than one paragraph; resorting instead to the fiction that comprised 90% of this "article". In this outrage Marlow submitted as Journalism she makes the Libelous claim that patriotic Southern people wish to return black Americans to the late institution of slavery! If she required filler that bad why not just go to the nearest crowded theater and yell FIRE for that is precisely what she did in this sensationalist bit of yellow journalism. Surely, the Irish Times standards are higher than this?                                                                              

While no one with an ounce of grey matter between their ears would give any credibility to Ms. Marlow or her or her leftist pinko psycho babble a problem is created when such is published in a reputable news paper such as the times. Your good name and credibility lends the same to her fiction; conversely, your good name and credibility is diminished by this propaganda. Is your name so valueless as to be squandered for the sake of a cheep, sensationalist chosing hack?                                                                                                                                                        
As for the people of the south we respect and revere our fathers for their sacrifice on our behalf just as people in Ireland do for your Heroes of 1916. While slavery, in the minds of some, may taint the Confederacy it was not an issue any one North or South fought over. If the reverse was true our fathers would not have had to leave the Union to preserve it. To this I would refer you to Mr. Lincoln’s papers, published in the volumes. What our fathers did was as yours seek to remove themselves from a one sided Union in a lawful and Constitutional manner. Since then Union has been neither Voluntary nor the Constitution an interesting antique largely ignored by courts and government. Is the South unrepentant; yes, who repents for being right?  In short, my fathers who bled this very ground red with their life’s blood and that of the invaders needs no justification nor do we their sons and daughters who honor them. Rather it becomes incumbent upon us to boldly speak the truth in the face of the lies of the likes of Marlow.                             
I would, in closing, like to thank you for taking time to read this letter. I leave this matter for conscience to ruminate on.  
I am, Bill Brocker 
SCV camp#1896