My name is Drew Martin. I attend East Jackson Middle School in Jackson County, Ga. I am a strong supporter of the Confederate Battle Flag. I love and appreciate any American history, but especially Southern and Confederate history. It’s my heritage, and nothing makes me prouder, than to say, "I’m a Southerner, and a Georgian, at that."
     I’ve read many different articles online, and in magazines, that state the Confederate Battle Flag is a racist symbol, and should not be displayed in public establishments. I find this very offensive, and quite frankly, it pisses me off to no end.
     Many of the articles call the battle flag the "Stars and Bars." Which, it isn’t! The "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag of the Confederacy. Now can someone please tell me how in the world they can state that the flag is racist, and that is the only meaning of the flag, if they can’t even identify the correct flag?
     First of all, the Confederate Battle Flag is not a racist, or "Rebel" flag. It is merely a soldiers’ flag, that was used in battle. I wonder where it got it’s name!! The Battle Flag wasn’t even an official flag of the Confederacy. It was just designed after First Manassas, to be used in battle. This was because of the resemblance between the Union flag, and the First National Flag,(the real Stars and Bars.) It’s design is the St. Andrew’s Cross, with 13 stars. This proves that we were tied to our beliefs as Christians, and not racist slave owners. The Battle Flag NEVER flew over a government building, or on a slave ship. In fact, all of the slave ships were sailing under the American flag. That’s right, after the forming of the CSA, it was stated in the Confederate Constitution that we would not trade anymore slaves, but we would keep the ones already in the states. As I said, it was always a national flag that flew over government building
     Another misunderstanding, is the fact, that there were blacks that owned black slaves! And there were blacks who fought in the Confederate Army as well as in the Union! Why, may you ask? It’s simple, they were defending their homeland, as all other Confederates were. They were willing to give their lives to keep the invader out.
     I’m only fourteen years old, and I understand all of this, but what I can’t figure out, is why you are considered racist or a "Redneck," for flying the flag. One of the main problems with my home state, is that we have too many spineless scalawags in government office, but I’m not going to name any names. ROY BARNES! The facts and misunderstandings I have talked about, are only a few. There are many other assumptions, and so-called facts that are being taught in our textbooks, that I haven’t mentioned. I live to see the day when people finally figure out that politically correctness isn’t correct!!!! Thank you for taking the time.

Drew Martin