Not only a son, but one of my best friends.

My son, Keith "Skeeter" Raiford, was not only a good son, but he was also one of my best friends.  He was a pure Southern country boy who loved dogs, hunting, jacked up pickup trucks and pretty Southern girls.  When he was about 15 years of age, he nick-named me "Daddyman" because I had nick-named him "Skeeter."  Through these nick-names is how we communicated our love for one another.

Keith had a heart of gold.  He would break rules I had set for him to help out a friend, knowing he may have to suffer the consequences for doing so.  Although he wore Dixie Outfitters clothing with the Rebel Flag with pride, contrary to beliefs of some people, Keith was not a racist.  He had as many black friends as white friends and he loved them all equally.

Keith had a beautiful grin that would make you smile, even if you were mad with him for whatever reason.  Keith loved his friends, his family and his country way of life.  When the good Lord took him home on June 26, 2005, a big part of me and my soul went with him, and I do not believe will ever return.

But I thank God for the 17 years, 9 months he let me be with Keith.  This time with my son made me a better father and a better man.

With sincere thanks to Dixie Outfitters,

Donald "Daddyman" Raiford