Let us Thrive, not Merely Survive, in 2005.   Keep Your Faith and Keep the Skeer on!

by T. Warren
Behind Enemy Lines

As 2004 winds down, I can’t help but take a deep breath and send forth a considerable sigh of relief. 2004 wasn’t all that great a year now was it? Oh, it had it’s great moments for my family, ie: the March on Hellanta April first, where we had the occasion to meet a couple hundred activists, many which we had communicated with for 2 years or more and yet never had met eye to eye.

The Border Ruffians project being so well received (mostly by members of SHNV. Little known factoid: 85% of all Border Ruffian cds, were purchased by SHNV subscribers including those sold in the UK and other parts of Europe.) The fact that the cd went on to be nominated for (4) Beacon Southern Heritage music awards, winning "Single of the Year", and runner up in the remaining (3)categories for which it received nominations certainly was a bright spot for all involved with the project.

My finding a home in the Capt. James Knox camp 2022 GA. SCV, and having the honor of sharing Heritage Officer duties with Dewey Barber of "Dixie Outfitters" fame well, needless to say that would be an honor for anyone I would think…….especially for an (Ill annoy) good ole boy, and I use the term boy most loosely. BTW the spellin (ill annoy) should be credited to Sherri Patterson……… KY born and raised and now living and home schooling her 3 children in my hometown. Meeting and becoming close friends with her family was definitely one of the good things that happened to us in 2004.

Unfortunately, there was so much in 2004 that wasn’t positive. Man, I mean look how many hits the Southron Movement took. Look at the number of insults and assaults we all took. Flags taken down, CSA memorials removed, losses of employment by those brave enough to stand tall, loud and proud of who they were and where they came from.

Sadder than even that, was the loss of so many fine Southron Patriots, who for what ever reason God saw fit to take them home to Him. "Dixie’s Darlin" Miss Alberta Martin, our last connection to that war. Young and talented Hanna Ingram whose entire life, and most promising music career lay ahead of her, and friend, compatriot, and personal mentor of mine Lou Towles to name only three. The SCV lost a number of Real Sons, and many other compatriots as well. Let us not forget either all the brave men and women in our military, who either gave their lives and or body parts. No matter one’s stance in regards to that war, our troops deserve our thanks, respect and support.

So, where do we go in 2005? What do we expect to encounter? Will we settle for more of the same ole same ole? Or, do we band together, work harder, give more time to the Cause, BE LOUDER N PROUDER of who we are and from who we came? I for one am for the latter grouping.

Before God, and witnessed by all readin this, here are my top ten personal pledges for 2005 in no particular order of importance. They are as follows: 1. to work harder for the Camp and Division that took me in. 2. to help anyone anywhere who "believes in the South and her real people and ways" as best I can. 3. to stand shoulder to shoulder on the frontlines in the South as many times as our limited funds and near wore out van will get us there. 4. to try and be a better Christian. 5. to be as good a daddy and husband as humanly possible. 6. to use whatever God given talents I might have to get the truth of the South out there. 7. to continue our fight here behind the lines and get even more flags up and recruit more copperheads lol….8. do my best on a more regular basis to let those such as Chuck and the other rebmasters know how greatly their time and efforts are appreciated, for without them we have even lesser means to fight the good fight. 9. to continue building friendships within the movement so that they might move from cyber introductions to for-real handshakes and hugs face to face. 10……to put out as good of Southron music and lyrics as I can and get them out there as best I can……….I honestly believe there isn’t a pledge made here that I can’t follow through on. Good Lord willin he gives me the time to do them….

So let us not all merely survive in 2005, let us thrive, swell our numbers..and "Drive On".

"May God’s blessin’s fall upon ya’ll like a warm Southron shower"

From the Warren family Bridgeport IL. I send prayers and best wishes for 2005…"keep your faith and keep the skeer on"

"A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves."
– Bertrand de Juvenal